Thursday, November 15, 2007

The word continues to spread...

So we were able to tell my husband's brother and sister in law the night before last. First of all, we were in a crowded pub. I wore my famous 'monkey' shirt and when I got the OK from my husband, I pulled the sweatshirt I had over it off, and waited... no one (but my father in law, but he knows already) noticed. So finally, I turn to my sister in law and said, do you like my shirt?

She said "Huh, ok"

Then, I asked my brother in law "Do you like my shirt?"

He said "Yep"

"Do you know what it means?"


After a few seconds. My husband chimes in "Are you ready to be an Uncle?"

This was followed by an "OH!" and my sister in law turned to her husband and said "See! I told you so!"

I was confused. So I asked "Did you know?" They didn't, she had just told her husband that we'd be first. He was saying that they'd be first. At the end of the evening, my brother in law said "That just made my whole day!"

I've been having some meat aversions, which is ever so fun. Meat just sounds gross. Eww. So, I've been a bit of a vegatarian the last few days. I'm hosting a pre-Thanksgiving day this weekend, we'll see how that works out, and if I eat any of the turkey I prepare!



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