Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So I'm throwing this in here early...

My husband's profession is in the computer realm. However, we're having router issues at home, so I'm not sure that I'll be able to pop on tonight and post our newest ultrasound photo.

But, that being said, I will give you a run down of the appointment: it went great. We got to see the little flicker of a heartbeat. It's heartbeat is 161 beats per minute, crazy fast! We have 'blob' pictures to share with our parents this weekend. The NP was pretty funny, she said, well, that's what they look like at this age!

It was pretty scary at first, she kept looking around and around at the ultrasound monitor. It was at least 30 seconds and her spinning the ultrasound head around and around before she said, ah! There it is! Apparently, with the spotting and the early bouts of nausea, she was thinking there was a possibility of twins. Nope! Thank goodness for me! I'd like them one at a time, to be completely honest.

When she dated the pregnancy via ultrasound, she said "7 weeks, 1 day!" Woo Hoo! I was dead on. That's what I've guessed from the beginning. I think because of my short menstrual periods, it actually allowed me to, um 'skip' a week of pregnancy. Fine by me!

Thanks for tuning in, and I'll post a pic as soon as our computer issues are resolved.

7 weeks, 1 day (officially!)


love said...

Woohoo! I am glad to hear you got to see your bean and all is well.

Anonymous said...

Yeay! Can't wait to see the pic....even if it is just a "blob" at this age! :)