Monday, November 12, 2007

So the word's out!

This weekend, we told our parents. It couldn't have gone any better (with one, comical exception).

So, we arrive at my husband's parents house. I was shaking because I was so excited! We walked in the door with our overnight bags, and briefly said "Hi" to them through the screen door because they were out on the deck. We went to drop our bags off and use the restroom after a very long 2.5 hour drive with a larger than normal uterus pushing on my bladder. When my husband and I met after dropping our bags off, he said "Our mom's are wearing the same shirt!" Since the plan was to go wine tasting, they both wore their 'group therapy' shirts that have a glass of red, champagne and white in crystals. I said "That's perfect, I'll just say "Well I have my wine tasting shirt on, too!"

So, we go out to the deck where they're enjoying the beautiful view, crisp November air and fantastic sun. My mom and dad got iphones this past week, so my dad was playing with it and showing my father-in-law the features of the new gizmo. We did the normal "Hi" hugs. Made some small chit chat until I saw a break in the iphone action. It was at that point that I said:
"Wow! Look at the two of you with the matching shirts! I should probably show you my 'themed' shirt" It was at that point that I pulled off the zip up sweater and took it off. I glanced at our dad's and they were back at the iphone talk again (comical exception). As I looked over at our mom's, I saw a quizzical look on my mother-in-law's face, and a tear fall from my mom's eye as she said:"Really?!?" I responded with: "I wouldn't joke about this"

I looked back at my mother-in-law as she had tears falling from her face. She later said her emotions had processed it before her brain.

So, I turn to the dad's. They're still oohing and ahhing over the gadget. My husband said "Hey, look at her shirt". My dad's response mirrored my mom's "Really?!" as he said that, my father in law said "What does that mean?" I don't remember who, but someone told him. It was at this point that the hugs began, around and around. The mom's went in to start food for lunch and I saw out of the corner of my eye they shared a hug once inside. My dad took a picture of the 3 girls, and it's blurry because he was shaking (he's an amature photographer, and his pictures are NEVER blurry). I can't share that image quite yet because I don't want to 'blow my cover'. A few more weeks and I promise to reveal who I am!

Anyway, the "Grandpa and Grandma" talks began as they discussed what they would like to be called, how happy they were for us (and them!) etc. I'm shocked I didn't cry! We had a great lunch and after, we decided that we would go wine tasting (duh, not me!) and shopping at a little boutique that had baby stuff. We had to pick up our wine shipments from a winery that they actually know my name when I walk in (scary, but true). With the pick up, they were having a huge party as this is the first pickup of this winery's club. My mom agree'd to purchase our shipment from me so I wouldn't drool over the bottles for the next 7 months. Of course, at the winery, they were so excited to announce that I was expecting and I got huge hugs from the staff (remember, we're a little too personal with this winery!).

We then went into the little boutique shop. The hardest part for these grandma's was to find 'gender neutral' items to get for the newest (well, it's not here yet, but it's on it's way!) member of the family. My mom bought 'us' this: along with a little 'monkey' burp cloth. My mother in law bought a little gift set with a stuffed lamb rattle, a little pea pod rattle and another burp cloth, this time in yellow. They're excited for the upcoming months of shopping and planning for the shower!

The rest of the weekend included many, many toasts and me teasing my father in law by asking for a mimosa. My dad laughed at how 'researched' this baby was. My mom asked if there was a registry for babies (to which my mother in law replied "YES!"). There was an awesome sense of joy for the remainder of the weekend.

We'll be telling my husband's brother and sister in law tomorrow night (with his parents) and my brother on Friday night (with my parents). Then, let the calls begin to the family around the country.

:) Thanks for reading!

8w even!


Anonymous said...

I have chills! I am so excited that you finally got to share the big news! You must feel so great! Your exhaustion is probably in part from finally letting out the hardest secret EVER to keep! :) So glad you had a great weekend....let the fun continue!

love22 said...

That is so exciting and such a fun way to tell your families. I am glad it went so well. :)

Butterfly said...

that is so exciting!! what a great story.

Leona (Ireland_Bride)

pmarie said...

I guess the question I had for you don't need to be answered as I read them here. So exciting!! BTW check your e-mail :)