Friday, December 28, 2007

I have no clue as to how to dress this body

I'm in that transitional stage. I've got a little pot belly (I promise a pic is coming soon) but I'm not sure as to how to dress it. I am used to wearing fitted clothing. Now, I'm not talking about cat woman tight, or low cut or anything, I'm just a fan of fitted clothing. I've basically had the same body shape since high school, and I'm very comfortable dressing that body.

This body? I don't have a clue. I know I don't have the full blown pregnant belly, I've just got a little pot belly. Maternity pants feel good, but I can't justify purchasing 7 pairs to get me through the week as I know that in a few short weeks, they may not fit, and a few short weeks from that, I'll be looking at them longingly just as I do my 'cute' non-pregnant clothes now.

So, today I'm wearing a button up top that used to be very, very baggy on me and now my little pot belly protrudes just a bit stretching the bottom buttons just as the top buttons used to bulge a little at the bust. Oh, the bust can't even be buttoned now, I've just got a camisole underneath it to hide the girls. The pants? Hand me downs from my mom. They're comfortable, but I can't secure them at the waist... maybe because I don't technically own a waist anymore? Hmm. Oh, and then the piece that totally makes the total outfit: the awesome boot I'm wearing for my poor foot. Yes, that's all I need for a true fashion disaster.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Traveling, Classes and Maybe a broken foot?

Wow, a lot's happened in the last week or so. First of all: We're officially in the second trimester! Yay! Who's "we're"? Uh, I don't know, either me and the baby, or Nick and I or well, I guess all 3 of us.

First news? We got our bugaboo... yay! Super excited and pics to follow.

We went to our 'early pregnancy class' about a week ago. It was good. I wasn't the farthest along, but I was the one with the noticeable bump... how that works, I have no idea. One of the women hadn't even told her work yet and she was 15 weeks along!

Also, I some how hurt my foot. I've had x-rays, it's not broken, but they can't rule out a stress fracture. So now I'm running around in a big ol' boot to protect my foot. Fun times.

We just saw our NP again today. We got to hear the heartbeat, although it's being stubborn, it kicked and punched a couple of times before we could actually hear the heart beat. She said we've got a little active one, and she's sure I'm not going to enjoy that later on in the pregnancy. But for now, I'm looking forward to feeling it moving around...

Oh, speaking of "it" we don't have our big ultrasound scheduled yet. Apparently, if we haven't heard from Radiology in the next week or so, we're supposed to call and schedule it ourselves. Fine by me! I think our NP wants to see us a week after that appointment, so hopefully it will be the week of the 21st of January... and the clock beings to tick tock a little slower...

That's it for now, although I'm due for a new belly shot... Maybe in the next day or so.

14 weeks 3 days

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Baby Goods

So, as I've started looking through all the baby goods out there, I've decided I don't really want a lot. We don't own our home, so I can't paint the nursery walls, but I'll still decorate it in 'baby' style. It's going to be a nursery/guest room. So, the more I research, the less I'm inclined to buy. Don't get me wrong, we'll get staples, but we want high quality items that can be used for 2 kids, and then we can give it away.

So, that being said, here's my rough initial list:

1) Bugaboo stroller. Yes, it's the craziest stroller out there, it's expensive, but it's versatile (and perfect for our needs). We'll use the bassinet in our room until the baby sleeps in the crib. The bassinet will also be used when traveling. The stroller frame will clip in our infant car seat, which we'll use until it outgrows it. Then, we'll move to the 'stroller' seat (hopefully timed well with the transition from bassinet to crib). Good news? I was just told that I'll be getting a bonus that I can apply to this purchase! Yay!
2) The infant car seat we like is the Graco Snugride. It's one of the safest out there, and it attaches right to the Bugaboo and to the swing we're looking at getting, which brings me to ...
3) The Graco SweetPeace. This thing is crazy. It 'rocks' in 2 directions, vibrates, has a variety of 'white noise' options and you can even plug your ipod in the back to your favorite "baby mix" to put it to sleep... Now only if it would nurse the baby, too! As I noted before, the snugride will click right into this, so if baby's sleeping when we come home from the grocery store, I can just ensure it continues to sleep while I unload the groceries! here's all the info:
4) We're still deciding on a crib. This isn't super high priority, just something that's safe and hasn't been recalled. I'd like something in a cherry finish with a drop side. Nothing too fancy... we'll get there later. Same with bedding. Others get super excited about this... maybe I'm just not because we don't know the sex yet? Eh... we'll get there.
5) We have a dresser in said guest bedroom/nursery, and I'm planning on getting a changing pad for the top of it.
6) Books. I can't wait to get a bunch of books to read to our baby.
7) Diaper bag. I'm such a purse snob, of course I've looked into this already! And, what a shocker! it fits on the back of the bugaboo!
8) of course, bottles, diapers, burp rags, a few play things (maybe a baby gym?) a boppy (for breastfeeding and for supporting the baby), a breast pump (NOT manual!) and blankets blah, blah, blah...
Maybe I should have titled this as a 'wish list' for the items I've researched and plan to go for.. hmm. Anyway, I'm excited. When I first found out I was pregnant, I looked at a few things online and I realized how overwhelmed I was at the choices, and, well, just the amount of STUFF out there for babies. Of course, the stores all tell you you need EVERYTHING, but after doing some research, I'm going to try to pair it down as much as possible.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Nick's the best!

So today, I'm sitting at work, having a less than spectacular day (read: grumpy!) and I see through the front window that flowers are being delivered. I said, "Oh! Who's that for?!?" because, you see, I'm a nosey beast when it comes to things like this. They said "YOU!"

Well my, oh my... hmm, who are they from? Normally Nick sends me flowers from the place that did our flowers from our wedding, and this wasn't from them. Well I read the card and it says:

"Hey Mama, just wanted to let you know that I'm so excited for our little monkey. Love you always. Love, Papa"

He's the best. Seriously, the best! (insert warm fuzzies here!)

still 12w,5d

NT Scan

OK, so first of all, I have no pictures to post with this one... BUT I'll be able to describe what happened. Yesterday, we had the ultrasound portion of our NT scan. This test tells us our chances of having a child with Down's Syndrome. We went to Oakland for this appointment (far!) to a new facility. We got there, they brought us in pretty quick and we had a super nice tech initially. This room was much bigger than the room we've been going to to see our NP. They had a monitor for us, and one for them (great idea!) The clarity on the monitor was great! She plopped the gel on, and started moving the ultrasound head and found our baby right away.

At first, it was cooperative. It was laying in a nice position to see the neck (what they measure during this appointment). At first, I just thought it had it's little hand up towards it's head, but then, with further inspection, we saw that it was sucking it's thumb! This runs in my family, so I told Nick that it's definitely our baby! (Duh, as if it's not inside me! I haven't quite figured that out yet... maybe when it starts kicking and I can feel it!). We also got to see and hear the heartbeat, a healthy 153 beats per minute. The other thing we noticed, just about right away was how big it's little belly was! The tech said that some babies at this stage aren't very well defined and look a little, um, odd. She said that ours definitely looks like a little person, and it looks very, very healthy! (Yay! nice to hear it from someone other than us!). Then, the second tech came in. Apparently the first tech doesn't have the certificate to take the NT measurements.

Oh, and our baby's measuring a day ahead. Maybe I AM almost out of the first tri!

This second tech wasn't unfriendly, she just wasn't excitable and talkative like the first one. So, when she put the ultrasound head on my belly (with a VERY full bladder, per the instructions) the baby had turned so you could see it's back (little, tiny spine!). Apparently, our baby had the same thoughts on this woman as I did. It wasn't interested in giving her a great view, because she just wasn't as nice and talkative. She thought she'd try to turn it by bouncing the ultrasound head forcefully up and down on my uterus (and, in turn my very full bladder). Nope, that didn't work... after many, many tries. She had me cough, and she got a few shots, with just enough of a view to take the measurements she needed. Note to self: when the tech is nice and revels in the fact that you and your husband is enjoying watching your little one, TAKE ADVANTAGE, as the next one may not enjoy it as much as you do!

Good news? Our baby has a minimal chance of having downs syndrome. Only 1 in 10,000 of a chance. :)

12w, 4d

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

1st tri end in sight... but not here yet!

Ah, so this weekend was great in that I had TONS of energy on Saturday, at least until 8:45pm, then I fell asleep. Sunday? Pooped. All day! Another day of laying around on the couch. I'm really, really looking forward to the so-called 2nd trimester 'burst' of energy you're supposed to get. Lemme tell you, this fatigue really puts a cramp in the holidays. Nick was so awesome yesterday, he cleaned the house, put up an evergreen wreath and just made the house look awesome. I love it. I think he was sick of looking at the stuff I was too pooped to lift a finger to move. He's been a real trooper, I'm quite impressed.

He also reminds me to do things. Apparently, this condition called "pregnancy brain" is really giving me a run for my money. I don't remember to send out thank you cards, I get tasks started, but never really finish them, and that, coupled with my short temper (thanks to those oh-so-fabulous hormones) really put me in a tizzy.

Ah, now on to the positives: I'm pregnant. I've got a pregnant gut (aka beer belly looking gut), my boobs have now increased 2 full cup sizes (this is good for Nick, not so much for me) and they're not as sore, thank goodness). Ah, my favorite: everyone knows! I've been given license to tell any and everyone about our little monkey. Thank goodness! No more hiding, slinking around. I can freely wander in baby sections with the news that I haven't gained weight because that's what happens after high school, I've gained weight because I'm growing a baby. Yay!

12w, 1d

Saturday, December 8, 2007

So, it's official! Everyone knows!

OK, so a lot's happened since my last posting. I'll try and go in chronological order:
Our appointment. We went back to see my favorite NP Carolyn. She's great. This was supposed to be my 'first' prenatal appointment with her, which means it comes with the oh so fun stuff that happens at the yearly appointments. Nick (I'm using his name from here on out....) had to sit on the side as Carolyn waved her little mascara wand thingy around. 

She said she understood why I've had some spotting. And every thing's looking great. Then, she
 said the magic words "let me go get the ultrasound machine". This is why I love that woman. 
So, she gets the machine and turns it on. Once she found the baby, the monitor was turned towards her and Nick. All the sudden they jump "Wow!" Apparently, as soon as they found it, it flipped positions. When they turned the monitor to me, I saw it's little arms and legs dancing around. She happened to snap this super cute ultrasound picture: I think it looks like a gummy bear! Also, all those pregnancy books show this little scrawny belly, whereas ours definitely has a tummy!

Then, the next day, I got to tell work. We had a staff meeting, and went through all the boring stuff. The last thing listed said "Company News". So, I went into a locked office and brought out a bunch of small cupcakes. On the top of the cupcakes said "Baby due in June" I said we needed some food for the meeting, so I brought some. When I put the cupcakes down, there were 2-3 people that were just going to dive in and eat one. I said... "Wait! What's it say?" The one person I knew would get super excited read it aloud, there was a brief pause and then she jumped up and came to give me a hug. I think if no one else was there, she would have cried. Everyone was really surprised, and excited. One of the people actually said she glanced at me earlier in the week and after seeing my belly thought to herself "She better slow down with that snacking, she's gaining a lot weight!" She apologized for her 'thoughts' after the announcement (cracks me up!). 

I did have an emotional afternoon later that day, over something stupid, but I guess one can't go through pregnancy without at least one crying fit. 

11w, 5d

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More belly pics

So, my good friend enjoys mocking me for taking these pics. Eh, I don't really care. I really want to see this thing grow... so here's the latest. I got my husband to shoot this one of
 me... and, my goal is to take a pic before every doctor appointment, so at least I'll be consistent. 

Without further adieu... 
By the way... this is, by far, my favorite outfit, EVER. Not the best picture of me ever, but I'll keep that in mind for next time... for comparison, I'll dig up a few photos. 
Oh, and one of my hobbies is photogra
phy. I freakin love it. More than I should. I take pictures of everything
. Good news? Everything's documented. Bad thing? I'm never, ever in any shots. So, I may have to dig deep into the vault to show a pic of my belly pre positive pregnancy test... 
Ha, found one... my hair's grown qui
te a bit in a little under a year! I look super tired, but you get the point... Maybe I'll take my next picture in my favorite Yankee's t-shirt! 

Well, now I'm in a picture searching mode... Here's one from our honeymoon and since my husband is so cute... here's his pic with the turtle! Just so you know... formatting gets weird with pictures... so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this post to turn out without funky formatting! 
11w, 1d

Monday, December 3, 2007

"Was it planned"

Why, oh why when you tell someone you're pregnant, they feel it's ok to automatically ask if you were responsible with your birth control or not? I just told one of my bosses (an off site boss, one that I see about once a quarter) that we're expecting a baby and she got very excited and then asked: "Was it planned, or not?"

"Um, yes, planned. We felt the timing was good for us"

GROSS!!! I really, really don't want to have this conversation with my boss! Especially her!!! She doesn't have kids, I wouldn't imagine her and her partner ever dreamed of having kids and her friends probably don't have kids. Maybe she just didn't know what to say. I'll give her that. But she was excited.

Anyway, I know that I will never, ever ask about someones sex life and planning "capabilities" when they announce they're pregnant. First response: Congrats! When's it due?

Whew! Ok, vent over. The rest of my workplace finds out on Thursday. I'm looking forward to that as I know they will all be SO excited.

11weeks even!