Saturday, December 8, 2007

So, it's official! Everyone knows!

OK, so a lot's happened since my last posting. I'll try and go in chronological order:
Our appointment. We went back to see my favorite NP Carolyn. She's great. This was supposed to be my 'first' prenatal appointment with her, which means it comes with the oh so fun stuff that happens at the yearly appointments. Nick (I'm using his name from here on out....) had to sit on the side as Carolyn waved her little mascara wand thingy around. 

She said she understood why I've had some spotting. And every thing's looking great. Then, she
 said the magic words "let me go get the ultrasound machine". This is why I love that woman. 
So, she gets the machine and turns it on. Once she found the baby, the monitor was turned towards her and Nick. All the sudden they jump "Wow!" Apparently, as soon as they found it, it flipped positions. When they turned the monitor to me, I saw it's little arms and legs dancing around. She happened to snap this super cute ultrasound picture: I think it looks like a gummy bear! Also, all those pregnancy books show this little scrawny belly, whereas ours definitely has a tummy!

Then, the next day, I got to tell work. We had a staff meeting, and went through all the boring stuff. The last thing listed said "Company News". So, I went into a locked office and brought out a bunch of small cupcakes. On the top of the cupcakes said "Baby due in June" I said we needed some food for the meeting, so I brought some. When I put the cupcakes down, there were 2-3 people that were just going to dive in and eat one. I said... "Wait! What's it say?" The one person I knew would get super excited read it aloud, there was a brief pause and then she jumped up and came to give me a hug. I think if no one else was there, she would have cried. Everyone was really surprised, and excited. One of the people actually said she glanced at me earlier in the week and after seeing my belly thought to herself "She better slow down with that snacking, she's gaining a lot weight!" She apologized for her 'thoughts' after the announcement (cracks me up!). 

I did have an emotional afternoon later that day, over something stupid, but I guess one can't go through pregnancy without at least one crying fit. 

11w, 5d

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