Friday, November 30, 2007

So... I've been a slacker.

I haven't updated this thing in awhile. Work has actually picked up for me a bit, not allowing me to put all necessary energy into screwing around on the internet. How DARE they!?!?! Eh, such is life.

Good things: Today I went to pick up a slew of paperwork for our '1st trimester screening'. I have an appointment next week, and at that time I get to go give them more blood for the first part of the NT scan. The week after that, I get to go to Oakland (seriously? nothing closer? Nope. Oh, ok, thanks.) and have the ultrasound where they measure the amount of space in the spinal column to see if there's downs or spina bifida (let's hope all that folic acid I've been taking has done it's job!) The week after that? 1st trimester class or "Early pregnancy class". I think it's funny because they actually signed me up for that at the first boring clerk appointment (remember the 20 forms and blood work? yup, that one). Anyway, I'll actually be OUT of my first trimester the day of the class (13w,3d). Oh well. I'm sure it will allow me to plan for the rest of the pregnancy.

The OTHER really good thing is: My mom and dad sent me a package from of super yummy brownies and hot cocoa. Yum! Lately it's been dropping in the 30's at night (for those in the midwest, yes, I complain about this because I live in California and we aren't supposed to 'literally' freeze here!) and so the hot cocoa sounds SO good right now. Plus, it came just in time for our 'date night' tonight. I'm going to make my husband watch the movie "Waitress" with me. He'll hate every minute, but I'll feed him some of the brownies, so that will make up for the 'chick flik'

Update on me: I'm feeling ok. Sometimes great! Sometimes like crap. Just hanging in there. Bloat has minimized just a bit, but I notice it's been replaced with fat. Awesome. I haven't weighted myself in a bit... maybe I'm too scared? I can start to feel where the uterus is rising out of my pelvis. (Just a bit). Boobs are less sore, too. OK, enough complaining.

This weekend we're going to a friends "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party. I can't wait! I can only hope I can stay up and not have to leave 10 minutes after showing up (because I'm pooped)! So the host and hostess are friends of ours, and they're expecting their first baby in May. They were the ones that we went out with the night that I got my BFP. Of course we didn't tell them that we're expecting then, but we plan to tell them at their party. I told her via email that if I could get my shit together, I'd have a surprise for them on Saturday. This is two-fold: First surprise: I'm due just about a month after her! Second surprise: I'm actually almost finished with a cute pair of hand-knit booties for them.

Anyway, looking forward to the weekend. Hope you all are, too!


Monday, November 26, 2007

Things I've learned thus far...

So, I'm officially a quarter of the way through my pregnancy! Wow, that went quick! (guess it's because you technically don't know you're pregnant until you're about 4 weeks along, but whatever, I've known for 6.5 weeks, and that time has flown by.

Quick updates: the bloating is getting better, I'm steadily gaining weight, meat aversions have tapered off, then I ate so much freakin turkey this past weekend, if I see another piece of turkey, I'll barf, but not because of morning sickness... I think it's just too much tryptophan in my system! Anyway, right now? I'm feelin pretty darn good.

But, the point of this post is to note what I've learned thus far... so here it goes:

- The secret is hard to keep

- Once anyone other than your husband and you know, many, many people will know. Even if you ask nicely. Even if you ask very, very nicely and tell them that if something bad happens, they'll have to 'untell' all those that have been told that the pregnancy wasn't viable. People get excited, that's good. People like to share good news, that's good, but only when it's their news to share. We actually had to make a few 'emergency phone calls' to some close family friends because someone told another family friend. We wanted it to come from us. So, emergency phone call instead of planned weekend up to see said friends. Anyway, you get the picture.

- When people find out you'll get 3 questions right away:
1) will you find out the sex?,
2) Have you thought of names? and
3) How far along are you? (or, when's the baby due?)

- When question #3 is answered, they make a funny quizzical look (while they're doing the math in their head) and they quickly realize how long you've been keeping this a secret. This is when they're still super excited for your news, but they're slightly disappointed you didn't tell them the MINUTE that you found out that you were pregnant, that, well, you're pregnant. We've had multiple inquiries similar to the following: "Why didn't you tell us sooner?"
Well, actually, statitics show that the chance of miscarriage drops dramatically after x number of weeks (or after ______ milestone). I then would gently remind them that we, in fact, are sharing our news rather early. They don't fall for it. Eh, such is life.

- Have someone to blab to ... whether it be a super close friend, an online chat community (this can be a little dangerous, tread lightly), an acquaintance that is just close enough to be able to talk to, but won't blab because your circle of friends isn't close enough, whomever you choose, make sure you've got their trust. Oh, a blog works well, too. :)

Well, that's all I've got for today.

10 weeks even!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


It's official, I've told my best friend. That was the hardest from me for a number of reasons. 

#1 I knew it would be easy to come out, but I was still scared to (you think I'd be over that by now?!?)
#2 There's been some stuff going on in her life and I wanted to ride some of it out before dropping a bomb on her. 
#3 I knew if I didn't tell her right from the beginning, I'd catch hell for it. And boy was I right for that one! (Good hell, she still loves me ...  I think....) 

Anyway... just a few more weeks before we make the announcement to the rest of the world, but all the important people are now very much aware! I feel so loved! 


Boss? Check! Friends? (almost) Check!

OK, yesterday was a big day. My boss (owner of a small company) and I meet up for drinks and a 'vent' session about once a month (at least, that's the goal). Looking back on it, he was the last person I had a drink with before my BFP. So, all day I was gearing myself up to tell him.

My mind was racing. I was thinking: "I'll tell him how dedicated of an employee I am, and that I won't let anything slip. He's known me long enough that he can trust me to get everything done, even with a newborn in tow" I had everything planned out. It was going to go so well.

Then, I got to the restaurant. He was parked right in front of me. We walked in, sat down. The way to attentive bartender arrived with menus stating "The wine list is on the back". Trying to stall, I asked for a cocktail list. He showed up with that in 2 second flat. Crap. My boss started to ask me what I wanted and I blurted out "I've got news!" (I'm such a dork, breathe, you can do this). "So, I'm... I'm pregnant."

He said "Oh! Wow! That's great! But why did you ask for the cocktail list? You can't drink."

"I was trying to stall time"

"Damn, now we can't go out for drinks" I was so relieved that that was his reaction. Not, AH! What's going to happen to the business!

Oh, and for the record: I had a lemonade with pomegranate juice... it's delish!

So then I proceeded to tell him that "every thing's going to be under control, I've got a plan, blah, blah, blah" He told me that was the least of his worries. His main concern was the drinking (which cracks me up!) We went on to discuss the ways my job could evolve and be really flexible so I can work from home. He also has another start up business that they'll need some part time help, and can totally be done at home. He's going to talk to the other partners as to how I can be involved as a new parent next summer, while at home with an infant. I have to admit, working for a small company can have some pretty awesome perks at times! He admitted that he and his wife are planning on trying to conceive in the spring. Exciting news!

Then, I left there, went home and picked up my husband. We were going to meet his closest friends for dinner at this new restaurant so we could tell them. We get there, one couple is missing (they're always late). Apparently one friend asked another friend about a week ago if she was pregnant, because she wasn't drinking... she complained to one of the female friends that he said that because she's getting fat. Not the case, apparently. When we heard that story, I kicked my husband, and he snickered quietly in my ear. So, after we've sat down, we ordered pitchers of margaritas (omg, I was drooling!) and I had a nice glass poured for myself (boo!) the other couple shows up. I kept nudging my husband to tell, he whispered in my ear that he's nervous. Then, the perfect opportunity! The "pregnant" conversation came up again between the guy that asked the girl if she's pregnant. So, my husband said "Well, it's funny you should bring that up, because she may not be pregnant, but we're going to have a baby!"

OMG, one of the girls got so excited! She came within inches of leaping over the table to tackle us! It was funny how there was such an uproar, and then one of the guys said "Are you guys serious?" His new wife turned to me and said "You're gonna be the first! You're going to be a mommy!!" All in all, a GREAT experience. Much better than some of the other reactions (thank goodness!)

OH! I almost forgot! My husbands grandparents found out yesterday, too. The stuffed monkey from build-a-bear arrived at their doorstep. I'm going to copy and paste what I wrote to my husband (the play by play) and then I'll tell you what comments they told us after:

"Well, at lunch, I checked to see if the package arrived. It was there. So, I called your mom to tell her to 'get ready'. She said she was going to give them a call shortly after she finished lunch to see if they got the T-day flowers and 'the package'.

So, your mom calls me back like a 1/2 hour later. She called, and spoke with Grandma. The weather is junky outside, so they were staying home. When your mom called, apparently there was a 'drug bust' or something going on in the neighborhood. 5 cop cars from different counties or something. Anyway, she said "Did you receive the flowers?"

"Yes, they're pretty"

"How about a package"

"Yes, I received a package, probably the clock I ordered... That got here FAST!"

"Mom, that clock is custom and will take 6 weeks, go open that package" it's at this point there's more scuffling with the police outside. Your mom asked "Mom, is Tot right there?"

"Yes, he's at the window."

"OK, good"

Grandma opens the package "Oh, it's a monkey. How cute is that"

Your mom: "See the arm? squeeze it"

Grandma: "It's a talking monkey"

"YES! Now listen to the monkey"

Then, she played it again, and they got it. They're both so excited. She was saying that her sister has 2 great grandchildren, and she's so happy one's on the way. Your mom said, "See! she only has 2, and you're going to have more, it's worth the wait"

So, we should be getting a call from Grandma and Grandpa this evening, around 5:30. They're going to wait to tell everyone at Thanksgiving dinner. They're going to give a seat to the monkey, when people ask what it is, they're going to push the button."

So, my husband received the call from his grandma and grandpa while I was out for 'drinks' with my boss. He said that his grandma said "I had given up!" and his grandfather was SO excited, he told my husband that "He's a man now" (omg, seriously? that's funny!). They're so excited to share the news with the rest of the family!

So, big blog update, thanks for hangin in there if you're still here!


Monday, November 19, 2007

More people know!

Wow! This telling people is really, really fun! It's so exciting to have others confirm our excitement and joy knowing that we're going to have a baby! This weekend we told Aunts on my side of the family, a couple of really, really close family friends. Today or tomorrow my husband's grandparents are going to receive their talking monkey, that will inform them of their future great grandchild.

Tomorrow is a big day, we're telling all of my husbands close friends from high school, and I'm telling my boss. Yikes!

My mom was so excited this weekend, she kept asking if I had "my bloat belly" yet. The weekends it doesn't pop up as much as at work, I think because on the weekends I'm up and moving a lot more than at work. We went to Old Navy and picked up 2 pairs of work pants and a pair of loungers. I can't tell you what a difference this makes. I know it's early, but I was so, so, so uncomfortable last week (and the week before!) I figure even if I don't fit into these, they'll be good transition pants after I have the baby.

9w even!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Holy Bloat Batman!

OK, so this is the ever-fun stage where I still haven't told the masses and I still have to hide my pregnancy and all of it's symptoms. This has been interesting. I haven't gained tons of weight, but I have gained the infamous bloat.

I realized this yesterday. Every morning is an adventure as to 'what to wear' without looking like a complete goof. I decided to wear a skirt yesterday. I figured that as I wore it through out the day, I could move it up and down to keep it from annoying me. Well, low and behold 4:30 rolls around and I've realized the top of the skirt has now joined forces with my bra band. It's 4 to 5 inches above my belly button. This is the skirt that I bought because it was on sale for $9 and it was a little big on me, but it was worth the price. Before, I used to have to hike that thing up, now, I'm wearing it like a grandpa with suspenders.

Quick note about me: I've got a skin condition: Psoriasis, so if you see red patches, that's what it is. I've had it for over 10 years and I'm used to it. At first I was scared to share pics and now, well, I don't care, I've shared enough info to scare everyone anyway, might as well share this, too!

So, bloat belly present, I decided to take some pictures for you. Here is my belly nice and relaxed, sort of how it was earlier with the skirt:

Here is my belly, with me sucking it in as much as I can... I'm trying really, really hard. I also took a picture this morning, when I woke up 'skinny' (i.e. no bloat) and when I upload that, you'll be amazed by the difference. It's crazy. I'm scared to ask where all that bloat went overnight. At this point, I figure ignorance is bliss!

The reason I didn't get this morning's picture uploaded is because I was messing with my first turkey, ever. I'm hosting a pre-Tday with my fam this weekend. The thing that sucks? The brine solution was not pleasant to my nose. I'm still having the aversion to meat, which is super fun. We'll see if I eat any of my first turkey ever! (Oh, and I'm telling my brother tonight!)


Thursday, November 15, 2007

The word continues to spread...

So we were able to tell my husband's brother and sister in law the night before last. First of all, we were in a crowded pub. I wore my famous 'monkey' shirt and when I got the OK from my husband, I pulled the sweatshirt I had over it off, and waited... no one (but my father in law, but he knows already) noticed. So finally, I turn to my sister in law and said, do you like my shirt?

She said "Huh, ok"

Then, I asked my brother in law "Do you like my shirt?"

He said "Yep"

"Do you know what it means?"


After a few seconds. My husband chimes in "Are you ready to be an Uncle?"

This was followed by an "OH!" and my sister in law turned to her husband and said "See! I told you so!"

I was confused. So I asked "Did you know?" They didn't, she had just told her husband that we'd be first. He was saying that they'd be first. At the end of the evening, my brother in law said "That just made my whole day!"

I've been having some meat aversions, which is ever so fun. Meat just sounds gross. Eww. So, I've been a bit of a vegatarian the last few days. I'm hosting a pre-Thanksgiving day this weekend, we'll see how that works out, and if I eat any of the turkey I prepare!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Cup Runneth Over

Who knew boobs could grow this fast! I'm quickly out growing the C cup I purchased a few weeks ago. I think I need to shop this weekend for something to harness 'the girls'.

Here's my stats as of today:
Weight - 132.5
Bra - 32C (please don't let me upgrade!)
Waist size pre-pg - 27
Now? eh, I'm too lazy to update (I will next time... I think I'm scared of the result!)
Pant size - currently wearing my 2's and 4's unbuttoned with the bella band. Size 6's fit in the beginning of the day, but by the end of the day are either unbuttoned or swapped for sweatpants.

We've changed our plans, we'll be telling husband's brother and sister-in-law tonight. His parents will be present... it's so fun to tell the 'secret!' My brother will find out this weekend, as will my husband's grandparents and, who am I kidding, the rest of the extended family!

Monday, November 12, 2007

So the word's out!

This weekend, we told our parents. It couldn't have gone any better (with one, comical exception).

So, we arrive at my husband's parents house. I was shaking because I was so excited! We walked in the door with our overnight bags, and briefly said "Hi" to them through the screen door because they were out on the deck. We went to drop our bags off and use the restroom after a very long 2.5 hour drive with a larger than normal uterus pushing on my bladder. When my husband and I met after dropping our bags off, he said "Our mom's are wearing the same shirt!" Since the plan was to go wine tasting, they both wore their 'group therapy' shirts that have a glass of red, champagne and white in crystals. I said "That's perfect, I'll just say "Well I have my wine tasting shirt on, too!"

So, we go out to the deck where they're enjoying the beautiful view, crisp November air and fantastic sun. My mom and dad got iphones this past week, so my dad was playing with it and showing my father-in-law the features of the new gizmo. We did the normal "Hi" hugs. Made some small chit chat until I saw a break in the iphone action. It was at that point that I said:
"Wow! Look at the two of you with the matching shirts! I should probably show you my 'themed' shirt" It was at that point that I pulled off the zip up sweater and took it off. I glanced at our dad's and they were back at the iphone talk again (comical exception). As I looked over at our mom's, I saw a quizzical look on my mother-in-law's face, and a tear fall from my mom's eye as she said:"Really?!?" I responded with: "I wouldn't joke about this"

I looked back at my mother-in-law as she had tears falling from her face. She later said her emotions had processed it before her brain.

So, I turn to the dad's. They're still oohing and ahhing over the gadget. My husband said "Hey, look at her shirt". My dad's response mirrored my mom's "Really?!" as he said that, my father in law said "What does that mean?" I don't remember who, but someone told him. It was at this point that the hugs began, around and around. The mom's went in to start food for lunch and I saw out of the corner of my eye they shared a hug once inside. My dad took a picture of the 3 girls, and it's blurry because he was shaking (he's an amature photographer, and his pictures are NEVER blurry). I can't share that image quite yet because I don't want to 'blow my cover'. A few more weeks and I promise to reveal who I am!

Anyway, the "Grandpa and Grandma" talks began as they discussed what they would like to be called, how happy they were for us (and them!) etc. I'm shocked I didn't cry! We had a great lunch and after, we decided that we would go wine tasting (duh, not me!) and shopping at a little boutique that had baby stuff. We had to pick up our wine shipments from a winery that they actually know my name when I walk in (scary, but true). With the pick up, they were having a huge party as this is the first pickup of this winery's club. My mom agree'd to purchase our shipment from me so I wouldn't drool over the bottles for the next 7 months. Of course, at the winery, they were so excited to announce that I was expecting and I got huge hugs from the staff (remember, we're a little too personal with this winery!).

We then went into the little boutique shop. The hardest part for these grandma's was to find 'gender neutral' items to get for the newest (well, it's not here yet, but it's on it's way!) member of the family. My mom bought 'us' this: along with a little 'monkey' burp cloth. My mother in law bought a little gift set with a stuffed lamb rattle, a little pea pod rattle and another burp cloth, this time in yellow. They're excited for the upcoming months of shopping and planning for the shower!

The rest of the weekend included many, many toasts and me teasing my father in law by asking for a mimosa. My dad laughed at how 'researched' this baby was. My mom asked if there was a registry for babies (to which my mother in law replied "YES!"). There was an awesome sense of joy for the remainder of the weekend.

We'll be telling my husband's brother and sister in law tomorrow night (with his parents) and my brother on Friday night (with my parents). Then, let the calls begin to the family around the country.

:) Thanks for reading!

8w even!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I had a dream...

Not a Martin Luther type dream but a big dream to me none-the-less. We're telling both sets of parents this weekend and in preparation for that, I bought 2 bottles of sparkling apple cider for me to celebrate, while they drink champagne and I drool. One bottle is for when we tell the parents and one for when we tell our siblings.

Anyway, I had a dream last night that we had our parents at a restaurant and we asked the waiter to bring out a bottle of champagne and we would bring the apple cider up from underneath the table cloth when he brought the champagne. We asked that he not bring the champagne out until we make the announcement, at which time we'd give him a 'signal'.

So what does he do? He brings the champagne that 'no one' ordered and tries to grab both bottles of the sparkling apple cider from underneath the table. He looks like a jackass and the entire table is confused as to what he's doing! We, sort of muddled out "we're having a baby" and then I woke up to pee.

Huh, guess I don't get a preview of the 'reveal'. It's probably good, because the whole situation was such a cluster, it didn't come out right and almost made me more nervous for the whole situation. Thank goodness it didn't play out as we already have it planned.

I have a sneaking feeling that as soon as my mom see's me, she'll have a clue. I've gained a couple pounds (I only weighted what I do now in college on the all starch diet provided by the awesome dorm cafeteria and that was many years ago now), and since I haven't seen her since, um, September (ack! I had to look back at the calendar to verify) I'm sure she'll notice the change right away.

Anyway, here's the 'plan'. My parents are going to head to my in-law's (IL's) house on Saturday morning. Normally we'd wake up and head up the mountain (they live in the foothills) early. We're going to attempt to arrive about 20 minutes after my parents arrive. When we walk in, I'll be wearing a sweatshirt and as soon as we drop our bags and I get a nod from DH, I'm going to take the sweatshirt off to show a shirt that says "There's going to be another monkey in our tree!" I'll wait to see who notices it first. Then, when they figure it out, we've got little frames for the latest u/s pic, one for each set of parents. The frames say "I knew I loved you from the moment I first saw you". Then, we'll break out the champagne and sparkling cider. Also, we got a little stuffed monkey (are you detecting a theme?) and we put a little recording in it for my husband's grandparents. The recording tells them that they're going to be great-grandparents in June 2008. We're going to bring that little monkey up with us to show our parents, because we know they'll love it and want to see it before sending it off. After all that fun, we'll follow with wine tasting, and I'll happily drive (duh) and maybe I'll bring my cider along?

So, we're more than excited about telling them. I can't wait for them to know... for someone to know! It's tough keeping this a secret and thinking of all the "what if's" alone.

On another note, I'm a complete slacker. (ha!) I don't have a scanner, and I haven't taken a picture of a picture of the u/s to share with everyone... so, here I am, pressing it up against the screen until I can get it online ;-)

7w, 3d

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So I'm throwing this in here early...

My husband's profession is in the computer realm. However, we're having router issues at home, so I'm not sure that I'll be able to pop on tonight and post our newest ultrasound photo.

But, that being said, I will give you a run down of the appointment: it went great. We got to see the little flicker of a heartbeat. It's heartbeat is 161 beats per minute, crazy fast! We have 'blob' pictures to share with our parents this weekend. The NP was pretty funny, she said, well, that's what they look like at this age!

It was pretty scary at first, she kept looking around and around at the ultrasound monitor. It was at least 30 seconds and her spinning the ultrasound head around and around before she said, ah! There it is! Apparently, with the spotting and the early bouts of nausea, she was thinking there was a possibility of twins. Nope! Thank goodness for me! I'd like them one at a time, to be completely honest.

When she dated the pregnancy via ultrasound, she said "7 weeks, 1 day!" Woo Hoo! I was dead on. That's what I've guessed from the beginning. I think because of my short menstrual periods, it actually allowed me to, um 'skip' a week of pregnancy. Fine by me!

Thanks for tuning in, and I'll post a pic as soon as our computer issues are resolved.

7 weeks, 1 day (officially!)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Please let this week go by quickly!

I'm having a love hate relationship with food lately. There are times that I have cravings, and when I satisfy those cravings, I'm in LOVE! Then, when I know I have to eat, but I'm not hungry at all, and I really don't want to eat, I HATE that I have to pick up a cracker (or some other super bland, boring food) and munch away to avoid becoming nauseous.

Every morning, I wake up and think: "What the hell will I fit in today?" This weekend? I wore a skirt. We're having a weird Indian-summer thing going on. Fine by me, stretchy waist = comfortable pregnant woman. I normally wear my clothing pretty fitted, and I've remained the same size for at least 2 years now. So, when we moved back in July, I got rid of all the clothing that didn't look good on me, or that I didn't feel good wearing (read: dumpy, "fat" clothes). Boy, oh boy am I regretting that now! My pants don't button, and if they do, I can't sit down. I've gained just over 3 lbs. which I *think* is about where I should be right now.

My husband and I are so excited! This weekend, we're going to tell his parents, and his grandparents. We can't wait! This morning, he said "I really wish it was the weekend! I'm really, really proud of us! By the end of this week, the secret will have been kept for 4 weeks! Holy Cow! I'm the woman that you don't tell anyone because I'll accidentally tell others. It's been documented, now I'm the last to know everything. Maybe this will redeem me? Maybe?

Tomorrow, we have our next ultrasound. I'm excited, but I can't believe how quickly time has gone by! I don't quite believe that we'll get to see it's little heartbeat tomorrow! We'll take that picture, make some copies for our parents and put it in little frames for them. (Collective "Awww" goes here)

I've had a little more spotting. There's not much, I've determined what causes it and I'm going to ask our NP tomorrow if that's normal or not. There's so little, I'm sure it's nothing, but it's still in the back of my mind.

Oh, and I went and saw this this weekend. My favorite part? They showed development of an embryo to a fetus and a baby inside a woman's abdomen. It was amazing. If it comes to your area, it's worth a visit. As long as you won't be grossed out!

Today? 7 weeks!

Friday, November 2, 2007

It's official...

I've gone from a 34B to a 34C this week. I went and bought the cheapest bra possible (that fit well) at Target. I spent $11.99. Who knew bras came so cheap? Maybe I've just always been a VS (victoria's secret) girl, but I'm not about to go spend $30-50 bucks a pop for bras in this time period.

I'm also using this opportunity to list the positives at this point. Last night, my very caring husband reminded me that I need to be more positive for our bean. It's hard because I'm positive at work, and, well, when I'm outside the house, but when I come home, I just want to whine. So, I'm turning that frown upside down. Here's my positives right now:

- It's still a secret between us two.
- One week and one day to share with family! (I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that!)
- I suddenly have quite a rack! (but don't touch!)
- I get to see our little one early next week! (Whoever invented the ultrasound machine is near and dear to my heart!)
- I'm going to go get a bella band this weekend so I can march around work with my pants unbuttoned! (little do they know!)
- It's November! I love fall food and football, and football without baseball! (my husband is a sports nut and *must* watch all games.

Yay, I feel much better. Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I know you want to say hi but...

..this is not the way to do it.

The morning sickness is getting progressively worse and worse, along with my bloat. I made the mistake of wearing a semi-fitted dress yesterday for Halloween (I was an angel, of course!) and after lunch, I grew a bloat bump. The funny thing about the bloat bump: looks like a real bump to co-workers. (I don't think they noticed, I put a sweater on and hid it).

Anyway, so last night, it felt like I had the flu. I ended up falling asleep on the couch shortly after the trick or treaters stopped knocking at my door to wake me up (they were so cute, btw).

Today, I'm not feeling well again. Good news? I know I'm pregnant. Bad news? I went to the restroom and the little bean decided to send me a tiny gift again: bright red spotting (not much, but it's there). Boo.

So my next appointment is Tuesday, today's Thursday. I had a talk with my little bean and asked that it just wave hi to us at the u/s on Tuesday, that'd be great. I'll take the other symptoms, because I know they're caused by hormones but this spotting is totally unnecessary.

6w, 3d