Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Boss? Check! Friends? (almost) Check!

OK, yesterday was a big day. My boss (owner of a small company) and I meet up for drinks and a 'vent' session about once a month (at least, that's the goal). Looking back on it, he was the last person I had a drink with before my BFP. So, all day I was gearing myself up to tell him.

My mind was racing. I was thinking: "I'll tell him how dedicated of an employee I am, and that I won't let anything slip. He's known me long enough that he can trust me to get everything done, even with a newborn in tow" I had everything planned out. It was going to go so well.

Then, I got to the restaurant. He was parked right in front of me. We walked in, sat down. The way to attentive bartender arrived with menus stating "The wine list is on the back". Trying to stall, I asked for a cocktail list. He showed up with that in 2 second flat. Crap. My boss started to ask me what I wanted and I blurted out "I've got news!" (I'm such a dork, breathe, you can do this). "So, I'm... I'm pregnant."

He said "Oh! Wow! That's great! But why did you ask for the cocktail list? You can't drink."

"I was trying to stall time"

"Damn, now we can't go out for drinks" I was so relieved that that was his reaction. Not, AH! What's going to happen to the business!

Oh, and for the record: I had a lemonade with pomegranate juice... it's delish!

So then I proceeded to tell him that "every thing's going to be under control, I've got a plan, blah, blah, blah" He told me that was the least of his worries. His main concern was the drinking (which cracks me up!) We went on to discuss the ways my job could evolve and be really flexible so I can work from home. He also has another start up business that they'll need some part time help, and can totally be done at home. He's going to talk to the other partners as to how I can be involved as a new parent next summer, while at home with an infant. I have to admit, working for a small company can have some pretty awesome perks at times! He admitted that he and his wife are planning on trying to conceive in the spring. Exciting news!

Then, I left there, went home and picked up my husband. We were going to meet his closest friends for dinner at this new restaurant so we could tell them. We get there, one couple is missing (they're always late). Apparently one friend asked another friend about a week ago if she was pregnant, because she wasn't drinking... she complained to one of the female friends that he said that because she's getting fat. Not the case, apparently. When we heard that story, I kicked my husband, and he snickered quietly in my ear. So, after we've sat down, we ordered pitchers of margaritas (omg, I was drooling!) and I had a nice glass poured for myself (boo!) the other couple shows up. I kept nudging my husband to tell, he whispered in my ear that he's nervous. Then, the perfect opportunity! The "pregnant" conversation came up again between the guy that asked the girl if she's pregnant. So, my husband said "Well, it's funny you should bring that up, because she may not be pregnant, but we're going to have a baby!"

OMG, one of the girls got so excited! She came within inches of leaping over the table to tackle us! It was funny how there was such an uproar, and then one of the guys said "Are you guys serious?" His new wife turned to me and said "You're gonna be the first! You're going to be a mommy!!" All in all, a GREAT experience. Much better than some of the other reactions (thank goodness!)

OH! I almost forgot! My husbands grandparents found out yesterday, too. The stuffed monkey from build-a-bear arrived at their doorstep. I'm going to copy and paste what I wrote to my husband (the play by play) and then I'll tell you what comments they told us after:

"Well, at lunch, I checked to see if the package arrived. It was there. So, I called your mom to tell her to 'get ready'. She said she was going to give them a call shortly after she finished lunch to see if they got the T-day flowers and 'the package'.

So, your mom calls me back like a 1/2 hour later. She called, and spoke with Grandma. The weather is junky outside, so they were staying home. When your mom called, apparently there was a 'drug bust' or something going on in the neighborhood. 5 cop cars from different counties or something. Anyway, she said "Did you receive the flowers?"

"Yes, they're pretty"

"How about a package"

"Yes, I received a package, probably the clock I ordered... That got here FAST!"

"Mom, that clock is custom and will take 6 weeks, go open that package" it's at this point there's more scuffling with the police outside. Your mom asked "Mom, is Tot right there?"

"Yes, he's at the window."

"OK, good"

Grandma opens the package "Oh, it's a monkey. How cute is that"

Your mom: "See the arm? squeeze it"

Grandma: "It's a talking monkey"

"YES! Now listen to the monkey"

Then, she played it again, and they got it. They're both so excited. She was saying that her sister has 2 great grandchildren, and she's so happy one's on the way. Your mom said, "See! she only has 2, and you're going to have more, it's worth the wait"

So, we should be getting a call from Grandma and Grandpa this evening, around 5:30. They're going to wait to tell everyone at Thanksgiving dinner. They're going to give a seat to the monkey, when people ask what it is, they're going to push the button."

So, my husband received the call from his grandma and grandpa while I was out for 'drinks' with my boss. He said that his grandma said "I had given up!" and his grandfather was SO excited, he told my husband that "He's a man now" (omg, seriously? that's funny!). They're so excited to share the news with the rest of the family!

So, big blog update, thanks for hangin in there if you're still here!


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Anonymous said...

I have goosebumps! I'm so excited for you. What a great accomplishment and great reactions. Telling your boss must have been so scary---go you for getting it over with successfully. Have a great thanksgiving and enjoy spreading the word!