Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pay it Forward :)

I just happened to stumble across knitsational's blog this morning, and on what a great morning it was! I was considering doing something like this on Facebook, but I like this version a bit better.

Here's how it works; the first three people to leave me a comment on this post, will recieve an item, handmade by me, in the mail within the next three months. One day, out of the blue. What could be better than that? Only catch is, you must post this on your own blog (which means you do need to have a blog to participate)and give three items yourself. And don't forget to email me your mailing address!

Ready, set... GO!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Additional 9 month fun...

I never remember to update her stats and all the 'mundane' stuff. Well, it's not mundane, it's just stuff I take for granted and will eventually forget.

So, she had her 9 month appointment on Monday (the 23rd) and she weighed in at 17 lbs. 12.5 oz., with 17.5 cm head and 27 inches in length. The nurse said we should take her to Vegas with the triple 7's and all. We told her she's already been kicked out of a casino, and she'll have to wait until she's 21. She's running between the 25th and the 50th percentile for all her stats. Works for me.

Dr. Hokie says she's cleared to eat "pretty much everything" as long as it's cut into teeny tiny pieces as choking hazards are the biggest issue right now. So, now all I have to do is get over the fact that she's grown up enough to eat from my plate.

Currently, here's a list of what she chows down on:
avocados (still not a big fan)
rice (brown)
oatmeal (both baby oatmeal cereal and bites of Mommy's oatmeal)
pears (the ultimate "you need to poop so we're feeding you this" food)
bananas (which I learned from Dr. Hokie... green = makes babies poop, yellow, or ripe = stops babies up)
sweet potato
bread (courtesy of Mom at CPK)
tortilla (courtesy of Dad at The Stonehouse)
Green Beans (originally she HATED it... now, she tolerates it)
apple sauce
yogurt (plain, mixed with a puree)
shredded cheese

I'm sure there's more... I'll try to remember to come back and add to the list.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

9 Month Letter

Dear Jenna,

I've been dreading writing this letter. OK, that sounds a little dramatic. I've always looked forward to having an 8 month old. I've always thought of that age as a super fun age. Beyond the feedings every couple hours, eating solids, crawling but not walking and the emergence of a personality like never before. 

And, after officially being done with your 8th month, I was right. This past month you've come into your own. You're so much better at crawling around, you have spent the last month exploring and learning so much. I've been trying to slow the minutes down, trying to be able to enjoy the time we spend together because I know I won't get to live this again. 

You're so inquisitive. I love that about you. You also like to be a part of whatever is going on. You will not sit back and observe. You've also been babbling a lot more lately. You say 'dadadadada' though not necessarily in context (I think that's starting to emerge, because Dadada is only said when Daddy's around). 

Other exciting things... you've been trying to clap while sucking your thumb. It's really cute. one thumb is in your mouth while the other bats at it. You also have decided your changing table is now your least favorite place. When we lay you down on it, you roll and spin to try to get away from us. It's been quite a challenge for diaper changes and dressing you in the morning or the evening. You've started to get better at sleeping, but still aren't sleeping through the night. Although I've accepted that you're still waking at night, let it be known you will never be able to live the fact that you wake us nightly.   :)

We've started setting limits in terms of what you can and can't play with. We redirect you from both the entertainment center and the fireplace. You understand that you're not supposed to be over there (you turn to look at us just before reaching your arm out.... kind of like in Finding Nemo when his flipper touches the 'butt') but you are starting to test limits. This has resulted in a few crying spells when we pull you away.... but those are quickly followed by smiles even if the tears remain. 

We've gone on quite a few adventures this month, from a few trips to the park to Reno and visiting Grandma and Pop, we've been busy. I'm constantly struggling with the 'ick' factor of you crawling around at the park (gross!) and letting you be a little kid, playing and having a great time. After seeing the delight in your face, I understand that germs are everywhere and you enjoy playing among them. We've also gotten rid of the old guest bedroom set in your room and picked up a dresser to match your crib. This gives you plenty of space to roam in your own room and you've looked over every inch of that room. Daddy also got a new car a few days ago, along with a new car seat for you. It's been an exciting month all around. 

My heart sings every time I see a photo that shows your 'real' personality. The face you give me when you're not quite sure what I'm up to... the way you laugh after you sneeze, the fact that you think it's funny when I yawn. You talking to Daddy in the other room makes my heart swell and I just can't get enough of it. You're such a happy baby. You love to interact with others. I can't wait to understand what you're saying. To listen to you talk our ears off about everything and anything. 
I know I can't slow down and stop time. As much as I'd like to, I know there is so much more ahead. I know that you're going to start walking and talking, go off to pre-school and eventually elementary school. I continue to deny you'll ever be a teenager, but I know you'll get there, too. There's so much ahead. I'm looking forward to living every minute of it, observing from my 'protective mama' perch. 

I can't believe you've been in this world longer than you were in my belly. My head spins in thinking that you'll be a year old in a few short months. We've started putting your hair in ponytails and that, coupled with your prominent teeth makes me see you less as a baby and more as a toddler. It's a scary sight. 

Even when you're slowing down, you're still active (as is apparent above!) You love music, you love to dance, shake your booty and bob your head. Your Dad and I think you dance like the guys on Saturday Night Live, bobbing your head from side to side. My cheeks have gotten a work out this month from all of the smiling. Thank you for ensuring we start our day off with a smile. 

Happy 3/4 Birthday, my dear. 


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random pictures...

So, I'm looking over the pictures that I've recently uploaded, and I wanted to share a few. I was supposed to do a 'day in the life of Jenna' post, but my camera battery died half way through the day... grrr... I'll have to repeat this process... so most of the pictures are from this past weekend.

We introduced egg yolks....
I've been meaning to take a picture of her chunk-a-licious thighs because they're dwindling. The bean's losing weight due to her crawling and keeping us on our toes. That, coupled with it being winter still (lol, well, winter for Northern California), means she's in pants most days. But.. here's a quick shot I got of her while in her infant seat... I love her little rolls!
How adorable is this hat? She's all dressed up and ready to go to Cameron's first birthday party!

We finally sold our old guest bedroom set and purchased a new dresser for her (to match her crib). Here she is trying to help us unwrap it. She's focused!

Once she realized she couldn't get it unwrapped, she decided it should be moved, as is into her bedroom... she's pushing. Notice the day one bag at her feet? She's discovered where we keep our shopping bags to recycle. It's one of her favorite spots in the kitchen... she pulls one out, drags it around for awhile, attempts to drool all over it, then goes after another. So, her leaving the bag at her feet means she was REALLY excited about her new dresser :)

Her eyes... I love her eyes. People stop me on the street to comment on her eyes. They think she gets them from me, but that's not the case, she's got her Nanny's eyes. I love them and get lost in them frequently.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mommy Amnesia...

I was thinking about it the other day. I've heard of "Mommy Amnesia" in reference to forgetting what it was like to have a newborn, and forgetting the birth in general but I never thought it would happen to me. Apparently, it all boils down to one of (too many) hormones pumping through a new Moms system ensuring you don't fully recall the events that have taken place. It's rumored to occur to ensure future offspring.

And, whatddya know... (no, there are no future offspring in the near future it hasn't kicked in *that* much) I don't remember much about the birth. When I talk to my pregnant friends and hear about someone that's coming near full term, I still wig out a bit thinking of actually giving birth. And you know what? I've done it. I've got the proof that it happened waking me up multiple times a night to remind me that I, in fact, have given birth. And it wasn't a big deal. Well, it's not a big deal thinking back on it. It is, however a big deal, and freaks me out, to think of doing it again. Why? I have no clue. Wait... I do have a clue. The idea of pushing a baby's head through my pelvis (better word that my original choice) still freaks me out.

In any case, I do, in fact have a small case of Mommy Amnesia. It's REAL people.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

More pictures...

So we took Jenna to the park to try out the swings at Irma's request. She said she thinks she's ready and she just wants us to introduce it to her and enjoy this 'first' before she gets her on the swings during their daily park trips. You saw the video below... here are the stills...

She's a fan!
After quite a bit of time on the swings, we let her crawl around while I followed her and cringed at her crawling on the park 'floor' She didn't put anything in her mouth (maybe she knew?) but she did get to exploring.. This is her most recent 'face':
Here she is exploring

and standing... (sigh)

Sitting.. she loves her flower zipper pull!

exploring some more....

And, just cuz I wanted to throw it in here.. this is her after we took her away from trying to 'play' with Daddy's guitar. She wasn't happy we took her away, but she was smiling with the little tear stuck on her cheek....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

She swings!

She crawls!

Video posts...

There will be many video posts... I'm finally getting around to uploading pics/video from my point and shoot camera.... 
first... Vampire laugh... 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bumps and bruises....

So, Jenna's full on crawling (I have a couple videos, but they're stuck in the camera until I get a moment to upload) and now she can pull herself to standing. At first, she'd get stuck standing, then cry not knowing how to get back down to move on.

So, now she's figured she can plop down on her butt. Falling with style, right? And, she's currently working on reaching out for other objects... reaching over to something to pull herself up. Which sounds like fun, right?

Ugh. She was pulling herself up and down from the coffee table. The coffee table that I really don't like, but bought while I was in college and broke and we needed a place to put our remote controls. It's ugly. Aluminum frame, glass top, ugly. Anyway, she was pulling up (from farther away that I would've liked... a side effect of this new found 'testing limits' thing) and her hand slipped... her face, more specifically, the bridge of her nose bashed against the aluminum frame and we waited the requisite half a second to see her response (sometimes it's none, sometimes she cries).

At this point I need to say that the day before we went to 'Baby Sign' class and learned all kinds of nifty signs to use with her. And, in order to teach hurt/pain, the instructor encouraged us to wait until they tumble, or they bop their head and then show the sign once or twice before comforting. She said it won't take long and you'll still shower with hugs and kisses but it will help when the baby can tell you they have an ear ache and aren't hungry down the line.

So, I started to sign 'hurt' and realized it was worse than I thought. I picked her up. Nick jumped up. I asked him to sign 'hurt' while I comforted her. His reply was "I don't know hurt" I showed him behind J's back (while holding her) he signed it once then said "Babe, she's bleeding". UGH. My heart dropped. Why was I trying to teach her signs when she hit herself hard enough to cause a bloody nose? It took her a bit to calm her down, but we did, the bleeding stopped and her face swelled up a bit.

After a bit of discussion, we decided it was worth a call to the advice line in case there was anything to watch out for. After 25 minutes on the phone, she said that they'd like to look at her. Likely it's nothing but if there was a fracture, it could lead to a brain infection, so it's worth coming in even if it's nothing.

We went to Minor Injury we got seen relatively quickly (30 minutes) and when the Doc came in he said to Jenna "Hi honey! Did someone drop you?" AHHH! No!!!! my response? "No! She kinda dropped herself. She's learning to pull up and slipped". He looked right at her said, "I think it's just a bruise" but continued to check her ears and nose... he then went on to say "Even if it is broken, it's still symmetrical looking, so it should heal just fine. Nothing else we can do about it."

On the way back home, Nick said he felt bad. We were about to have some friends over with a baby and he was concerned that our house was 'too dangerous'. I told him that we couldn't have prevented it (without removing the table entirely, which we may consider doing) and it's ok.

So, we went home, she took a nap, friends came over and the babies were playing on the kitchen floor... then Jenna fell again. This time she was just sitting (something she's really mastered... she hasn't toppled for over a month!) she fell back and bopped her head on the kitchen cabinets. I have since done a few google searches and she's likely become a bit more clumsy because she's either a) right on the brink of a growth spurt or b) trying to 'push the limits' of her situation (like reaching too far off a ladder and losing your balance) Either way, it's not fun for anyone.

It's been hard to watch, and I've been trying to find the balance between encouraging her to try new things and keep her safe. I can tell she's working on mastering the new mobility (both in lateral movements with crawling and now vertical movements with pulling up to surfaces) but I just don't know how or when to stop her in order to ensure her safety. I've always been one to expect bumps and bruises... I guess I just didn't expect to see her first bloody nose (and potentially broken nose... they said it was straight, so they can't do anything for it) at 8 months old.