Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pay it Forward :)

I just happened to stumble across knitsational's blog this morning, and on what a great morning it was! I was considering doing something like this on Facebook, but I like this version a bit better.

Here's how it works; the first three people to leave me a comment on this post, will recieve an item, handmade by me, in the mail within the next three months. One day, out of the blue. What could be better than that? Only catch is, you must post this on your own blog (which means you do need to have a blog to participate)and give three items yourself. And don't forget to email me your mailing address!

Ready, set... GO!!!


Danae said...

Hey Janessa, we haven't met in person just via email re: Alison's shower. I regularly enjoy reading your blog as you and your precious Jenna are just a few months ahead of Sophie and I.

What a fun idea this is! I can't wait to put a similar post on our

Thanks for the idea!

my mailing address is
199 New Montgomery, #906
San Francisco, CA 94105

lynnerd said...

Hey Ness! I just missed out when a friend did this on Facebook... it looked like I was going to be the second commenter, but I ended up being 6th. (She was accepting the first 5 commenters.) You have my address, should I make in time for yours, right?

Cameron's mom said...

this is so awesome...we all could use a bit of happiness in our lives!!! :)