Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Additional 9 month fun...

I never remember to update her stats and all the 'mundane' stuff. Well, it's not mundane, it's just stuff I take for granted and will eventually forget.

So, she had her 9 month appointment on Monday (the 23rd) and she weighed in at 17 lbs. 12.5 oz., with 17.5 cm head and 27 inches in length. The nurse said we should take her to Vegas with the triple 7's and all. We told her she's already been kicked out of a casino, and she'll have to wait until she's 21. She's running between the 25th and the 50th percentile for all her stats. Works for me.

Dr. Hokie says she's cleared to eat "pretty much everything" as long as it's cut into teeny tiny pieces as choking hazards are the biggest issue right now. So, now all I have to do is get over the fact that she's grown up enough to eat from my plate.

Currently, here's a list of what she chows down on:
avocados (still not a big fan)
rice (brown)
oatmeal (both baby oatmeal cereal and bites of Mommy's oatmeal)
pears (the ultimate "you need to poop so we're feeding you this" food)
bananas (which I learned from Dr. Hokie... green = makes babies poop, yellow, or ripe = stops babies up)
sweet potato
bread (courtesy of Mom at CPK)
tortilla (courtesy of Dad at The Stonehouse)
Green Beans (originally she HATED it... now, she tolerates it)
apple sauce
yogurt (plain, mixed with a puree)
shredded cheese

I'm sure there's more... I'll try to remember to come back and add to the list.

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Echloe said...

Wow she is eating a ton of stuff. I'm not so keen on avocados either. Sounds to me like she has a good palette.