Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mini photo shoot

It's been so long since I picked up my camera. Work's been crazy, lots of changes, and that leaves me exhausted at the end of the day. But that's really no excuse not to catch the munchkin on camera. This past weekend was a great one filled with friends and some time with our little family. We headed out to run around and play on Saturday morning.

Little Miss Independent. This is the view I get lately... of her running away. I can't keep up!
Under Daddy's watchful eye...

She really liked watching the water slap against the rocks.

She's never shy about what she wants...
They're my favorite.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Angel Face Designs.... Giveaway!

Remember when these arrived in my mailbox? Since, I've ordered countless things and both my jewelry box and Jenna's is overflowing with goods from AFD. OH! And Nick carries around the cutest keychain, too. I adore Heather's goods and boast and brag her business whenever possible. Soooo how exciting is it that she's having a giveaway!? boogie on over there and win!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

14 months in pictures

This is such a fun age. She's running around, we're chasing her, she's chasing us, there's a lot of giggling in the O household.

Bath time!
OK, I didn't ask her to pose, I sware. It looks like it, though. She likes playing with her diaper pail. I know, gross. But it keeps her still long enough for photos.
We went to the zoo on Daddy's birthday. She was showing him the Monkeys.
I love her. She's not quiet often, but when she is....
:) Daddy & his little girl. Can you tell how smitten he is?
I love those eyes.... (and I knit this sweater. This is before I blocked it)


It's hard to believe we were at Disneyland about a month ago. But it's been that long. Be prepared for a post with lots of photos and very few words. We had a blast. It was great. Jenna did great considering we paid no attention to her schedule, put her to bed late pretty much every night and she didn't sleep in the stroller. Thank goodness we stayed in the hotel across from Disneyland. We got over our fear of leaving our stroller unattended with the diaper bag hanging on it. Jenna was a champ, slept relatively well considering we weren't at home and we were all in a single room suite. That's Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Pop and Uncle Jon... all sleeping in the same room as Jenna. Nick and I were able to escape and ride a few rides together while Grandma & Uncle Jon watched Jenna. It was great to go with Nick, a little mini date night just days after our 4 year wedding anniversary, celebrating in Disneyland. It reminded me of part of our honeymoon (we went to Disneyworld for 3 days of our 10 day honeymoon). All in all, we had a great time, but were EXHAUSTED when we arrived back home. Disneyland with a toddler is not for the faint of heart!

On this trip, Jenna really was taking to walking on her own. Here she is on Main street showing us the way....
These photos are out of order. I know you're totally shocked, too. Here we are at the entrance with Pop ... (actually, this is us leaving, but the trip was a whirlwind, and the order doesn't really matter, right!?)
Meeting Cinderella! This one's for you, Irma!
And Belle!
And Ariel. Jenna just wanted to point out things in the background. I'm looking forward to taking her when she actually knows who these characters are. Oh, and for the record, just so she won't be able to live it down... just before entering the 'Meet the Disney Princesses" part of the whole shin dig... she pooped. It was totally stinky, and she met the princesses with a turd in her diaper. NO TIME to change it. We waited in line an hour and she pooped as the cute little girl in front of us walked in to meet Jasmine. Oy....

Speaking of Jasmine.... Jenna loved, loved her chest. Whatever sparkly material was on her bosom Jenna was enthralled with. Poor Jasmine must be used to this kind of thing because she kept pointing out the pretty jewel on her bracelet, but Jenna kept smacking her hand away. So, a diaper load of crap and trying to grab the poor girls boobs. ::sigh::
Jenna also got to meet Snow White :)
On the Ferris Wheel. See that green shirt? yup, that's our monkey....
Jenna wanted to push the stroller.
Did I mention she's been making her desires more obvious with the pointing? Here she is demonstrating that skill.
We were all dancing. She decided to book it while Mom was looking like a loon. Gee, thanks, babe.
Again with the pointing
Mickey! She loves Mickey at home... when we met him... all she wanted to do was pull the bow out of her hair. Maybe she wanted to give him a gift. Maybe?
Fireworks. I'm proud of this shot. (all the others were by my Dad, thanks Pop!) I was told that in order to shoot fireworks, you had to had a tripod with a remote shutter release thingy... Not I said the fly! This was with my hand. I'm proud... I think it's purdy.
This was taken the first day with my camera. I quickly decided to ditch my camera in the hotel as baby + stroller + family to tend to + camera = doesn't work. But I got like 3 shots...

She danced, danced, danced in line on this ride. Inside the ride (her first, how fitting, right?!) she was confused... but still danced.
This is in the finding nemo submarine ride. This girl loves her fishies... which is what's she's pointing to. She also liked the bubbles and the divers. I wish we took her on this ride twice, but there just wasn't time.
My little bean. She's tired, but she's got her custom ears on.
Like I said, a great trip, but an exhausting trip. We're looking forward to taking her again, though I think we'll wait until she's closer to 3. Very, very exciting.