Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's been too long

I may have to go back to the monthly letters as life just gets in the way of documenting life sometimes!

Jenna's now 14 months, full of energy, full of life. I have a TON of photos to post... some of me modeling for a photography workshop with Augie Chang, some of Disneyland, a few from camping and snapshots in between.

Jenna's awesome. She's walking, talking, borderline running and makes my heart skip a beat every time I see her. I love asking her "How old are you, Jenna?" She forcefully says "DIS" and holds her finger up. She sings along with the ABC's, counts along with you and when you ask in a sing-song fashion "What's gonna work...." She replies back with "GEEMuurk!" (10 points to the first to respond with the origin of that phrase). Mama is used very infrequently, but I've decided that's ok. I'll hear enough of "Mama" in my lifetime ;)

Eating, walking, talking, running she's now fast enough that I don't often get to sit down and document it all. Many posts ahead... one of these days. I promise ;)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

August Rocks!

So, this month has a lot in store for us.... I'm feeling really giddy and excited for all that's going on and all we have planned.
Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time with my girlfriends. I've never had such a close group of girls I can gush to, be a lush amongst, support and be supported by. It's really fantastic and I don't know what I'd do without my near, dear friends. Or wine. ;)

Something else fun happened this weekend. I'll share when I have a link for you!

This upcoming weekend we're going to meet up with the fam in Disneyland. I'm oh so excited to share the happiest place on earth with Jenna. The girl gets excited as we're passing the disney store in the mall... can you imagine when we roll up to D-land!? When I say she gets excited... I mean her entire body convulses at the sight of the giant Mickey head at the entrance... the girl loves her disney at the ripe old age of 13 months. I am SO excited! We're also meeting up with my Aunt and her fam... I haven't seen them since 2007... it's been far too long!

We'll be seeing the Yanks take on the A's... YAY for going to a Yankee game and seeing my favorite guys IRL!

The weekend after that we're going to be dropping Jenna off at Nanny & Poppies for a night while we camp with friends. We plan to be up late, irresponsible and drink all in the name of having Jenna in capable hands. It will be our first night away from her, but I know she'll do well.

The last weekend we're going to the OutsideLands Festival in SF. I get to see my beloved Dave Matthews....

So busy, but so worth it... work hard to play hard, right!?