Monday, July 21, 2008

1 Month Old!

OK, so I wrote this but never posted it! So... here goes!


I'm going to make an attempt to write to you monthly. We'll see how it goes. It's amazing how quickly this past month has gone by. It seems as though just yesterday we brought you home. Our house has been filled to the brim with family and friends that just couldn't wait to get their eyes (and hands!) on you. They all were so excited to meet the newest member of our family.

You've really done a good job at training your Dad and I. We really didn't know what to expect except sleep depervation prior to you coming home. And, even that we didn't have any clue how it "really" is. You've been a complete angel, a screaming devil and a beautiful sleeping monkey all in one package. The peaceful times make up for the screaming fits, but you've really kept us on our toes.

You like to be snuggled up to Mom or Dad, the car ride (but not when we're stopped! Keep that car in motion!), you love our walks (for the most part). This month, you've been to Day One with Mommy many times, out to sushi, over to chipotle, you helped Mommy wait in line for a new iphone (this was a 2 hour wait, and that was short!), you've been to a ton of stores (lots of shopping!), to Mommy's work a couple of times, out to meet up with other Mommy's and their tots, over to meet Kellen (Moriah & Conn's baby) and Landon (Sally & Mark's baby) we took you to Jan's to meet her, her Mom Ruth and brother Gary, and you've been visited by the following people: Grandma & Grandpa, Nonie & Poppie, Aunt Heidi and Uncle Mike, Uncle Jon and his girlfriend Amanda, Sky and Richie, Dan and Laura, Nancy, Bernie and Cesar, Meg, Ari, Kevin and Andy, Mr. & Mrs. Semenza, Katie (from Oregon!), Katie (from Mommy's work), Janelle and many, many more.

As for what's happened in the local news since bringing you home, we had over 800 fires burning in Northern California the week after bringing you home. The smoke was thick as fog and the air quality was terrible. We had to keep you indoors on many occasions with the A/C on to ensure your little lungs didn't start off with soot in them! The last All Star Baseball game was held at Yankee Stadium, and as this is the last year that the Yankees will play in that stadium, we made sure to watch the game, but it went into extra innings and we fell asleep at inning #13. (The AL won in the 15th inning!)

You've been such a joy. You've only began to teach us patience. We love you more than I can explain in words and we can't wait to get to know you more and more each day.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our family, in pictures

Family Photo :)

She's such a natural :)

My 2 favorite people


Cute feet... 

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fussy periods

Are difficult. And trying. I'm trying to remember to keep it in perspective and know that she'll never be this small and dependent on me like she does now. I'm trying not to wish it away, but with her screaming and me crying, it's just a difficult period.

Oh, and I don't know why I shower. As soon as I get out, I go to hold her (or feed her, or burp her) and she immediately spits up. A LOT! So, I'm covered in spit up. Or, with feeding, she's a messy eater and I'm a leaking faucet, so I'm always covered in milk. Fun times, I tell ya, fun times.

3w, 2d old

Friday, July 11, 2008

Things I've learned thus far...

So, I've been a Mom for only a short period of time. Though I've learned a lot! This post will be a series of rambling, as most of my posts often are ;)

- I've learned that it's virtually impossible to "sleep when the baby sleeps" as I can't fall asleep on command. 
- I often regret not taking naps.... but only in the wee hours of the night. 
- I've got a pretty terrific baby. In terms of health and temperament, and I should be more grateful during her fussy periods. 
- I've learned that I need to do something outside the house EVERYDAY! If I don't, I get moody, I self-criticize and I become grouchy. Sometimes all it takes is me going out to the backyard. 
- I'm scared to go out for too long or too far away for fear of needing to breast feed in public. I need to get over this. I'm also fearful of changing her diaper anywhere other than home. I know I'll get over this, too. I feel like such a rookie. 
- I've always admired other Moms and their interactions with their children. I never, ever thought I'd see it happen with me. Yesterday morning, Nick was holding Jenna and I started talking, she immediately careened her neck over to look at me, and she looked at me with such admiration. It's amazing. Another scenario: we went out for sushi (YAY!) and she started crying and fussing in her car seat. I took her outside and the minute I bent over to pick her up, she stopped crying. It's really amazing stuff. And it's happening to me. 
- I hate that Word thinks her name is a misspelling. I wish I would've checked that before she was born. Computers seem to think when we're typing her name it's just us misspelling "Henna". 
- A screaming baby in a car seat sucks when you're in the car alone. 
- Visitors are good if they keep their visits short, get a picture taken, meet her briefly. Guests are more difficult. I determine "Visitors" as those that come by for a short visit and "Guests" as those I have to figure out how to entertain and feed. Should food be brought to us, a "guest" turns into a "visitor" as no effort needs to be made on our part to entertain them. This changes my whole philosophy on visiting friends with babies, or anyone recovering from a surgery, grieving, etc. 
- I have a whole new perspective on purchasing for Baby Showers and for immediately Post Partum gifts. My pregnant friends will soon discover this (not in a bad way at all!) 
- I can love her and be so frusterated with her at the same time. And then she gives a "gas" smile and suddenly it's as though the last hour and a half of screaming was worth it. 
- I can survive on much less sleep than I ever thought. 
- I'm amazed how much more I love Nick. And how much his hugs mean to me when it's been a long day or night (or both!) 
- I missed wine just as much as I thought I did. Now I still don't drink much of it, but I savor every sip. 
- Breast feeding is just as hard as everyone says it is. But succeeding with it is more rewarding than I could ever imagine. I've been lucky and I am super grateful. 
- Hearing Nick's Dad ask me if "all the cuts and bruises are healing well" is not nearly as laughable and cringe-worthy as hearing his Grandmother tell me "So I hear you have good milk!" 
- I never thought I could get used to hearing myself be referred to as "Mom" but the minute she was here it felt so natural and wasn't awkward at all. 

That's it for now, more to come later.
2w, 6d old! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Picture Post!!

This is the last picture I have of me pregnant. Nick is helping me through a contraction. At the time, I wasn't a fan of this pic being taken of us... now I'm happy that we have it.  You can see the computer in front of me to time the contractions, the wet wash cloth I cut up and dunked in ice water around my neck, and Nick being a super star massaging my back and coaching me through the breathing. 

First family photo. 

On our way to her 3 day appointment. 

One of my favorite pictures. 

She's getting sick of the photos... she doesn't have a clue what family she was born into. 

Uncle Jon comes out for a visit! 
All gussied up! 

Uncle Jon, his girlfriend Amanda and Jenna decked out in Steelers gear (Amanda's favorite team). This will be the first of only 2 times Jenna will be permitted to wear this onesie.. the other time? The 49ers bye week! 

Seriously? Steelers gear?! What are you thinking!!

She's just chillin! 
Hi Mom! 

I think she's hungry! 

Katie flew down from Portland for a visit! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

2 week stats

My, oh my how time flies! 

So, our little chunker is now over 2 weeks old. She was seen yesterday by her pediatrician for her 2 week appointment. She currently weighs 9 lbs. 4.5 oz. (+1lb, 2.3 oz since birth) and is 21.5 inches long (+1.5 inches from birth). 

She continues to eat well, though she's been a bit more fussy. We have to time feedings just right so she's not too sleepy to get an entire feeding, but not so ravenous that she throws a fit and spits up a good amount of what she ate. 

The nights have been relatively good, with 2 nights being the exceptions. She sleeps for 3-5 hour blocks, but grunts and squeaks while she sleeps. I've somehow learned to sleep through the grunting and squeaking, but wake for the crying and rooting (i.e. "I want food" sounds). We're thinking of moving her into her crib this week, as her nursery is so close to our bedroom and with the way she's growing, she'll out grow the bassinet fairly quickly. 

All in all, she's doing fantastic. Pics coming soon. 

2w, 3d old

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

our squeaker

This makes me smile :)

AND, it's what we have to sleep through at night until we move her to her crib!

11 days old

My heart melts

My heart seriously melts every time I see Nick taking care of Jenna. He's been so helpful and great, changing diapers, running for water, just sitting up with me trying to guess how much to feed Jenna before she spits up (um, I have oversupply issues, but that's an entirely different post). 

Seriously, this just melts my heart. I'm so proud of him as a Dad. I've had a couple of people tell me that they couldn't envision him as a Dad, and, to be honest, I've always thought of him as a great Dad, but to see it happen. To WATCH him hold and love and nurture this tiny little girl makes me tear up. I love him so much. He's so good to both of us. In the middle of a frustrating night, he just knows when to give me a hug and kiss and make it all better.