Monday, July 21, 2008

1 Month Old!

OK, so I wrote this but never posted it! So... here goes!


I'm going to make an attempt to write to you monthly. We'll see how it goes. It's amazing how quickly this past month has gone by. It seems as though just yesterday we brought you home. Our house has been filled to the brim with family and friends that just couldn't wait to get their eyes (and hands!) on you. They all were so excited to meet the newest member of our family.

You've really done a good job at training your Dad and I. We really didn't know what to expect except sleep depervation prior to you coming home. And, even that we didn't have any clue how it "really" is. You've been a complete angel, a screaming devil and a beautiful sleeping monkey all in one package. The peaceful times make up for the screaming fits, but you've really kept us on our toes.

You like to be snuggled up to Mom or Dad, the car ride (but not when we're stopped! Keep that car in motion!), you love our walks (for the most part). This month, you've been to Day One with Mommy many times, out to sushi, over to chipotle, you helped Mommy wait in line for a new iphone (this was a 2 hour wait, and that was short!), you've been to a ton of stores (lots of shopping!), to Mommy's work a couple of times, out to meet up with other Mommy's and their tots, over to meet Kellen (Moriah & Conn's baby) and Landon (Sally & Mark's baby) we took you to Jan's to meet her, her Mom Ruth and brother Gary, and you've been visited by the following people: Grandma & Grandpa, Nonie & Poppie, Aunt Heidi and Uncle Mike, Uncle Jon and his girlfriend Amanda, Sky and Richie, Dan and Laura, Nancy, Bernie and Cesar, Meg, Ari, Kevin and Andy, Mr. & Mrs. Semenza, Katie (from Oregon!), Katie (from Mommy's work), Janelle and many, many more.

As for what's happened in the local news since bringing you home, we had over 800 fires burning in Northern California the week after bringing you home. The smoke was thick as fog and the air quality was terrible. We had to keep you indoors on many occasions with the A/C on to ensure your little lungs didn't start off with soot in them! The last All Star Baseball game was held at Yankee Stadium, and as this is the last year that the Yankees will play in that stadium, we made sure to watch the game, but it went into extra innings and we fell asleep at inning #13. (The AL won in the 15th inning!)

You've been such a joy. You've only began to teach us patience. We love you more than I can explain in words and we can't wait to get to know you more and more each day.


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