Tuesday, July 8, 2008

2 week stats

My, oh my how time flies! 

So, our little chunker is now over 2 weeks old. She was seen yesterday by her pediatrician for her 2 week appointment. She currently weighs 9 lbs. 4.5 oz. (+1lb, 2.3 oz since birth) and is 21.5 inches long (+1.5 inches from birth). 

She continues to eat well, though she's been a bit more fussy. We have to time feedings just right so she's not too sleepy to get an entire feeding, but not so ravenous that she throws a fit and spits up a good amount of what she ate. 

The nights have been relatively good, with 2 nights being the exceptions. She sleeps for 3-5 hour blocks, but grunts and squeaks while she sleeps. I've somehow learned to sleep through the grunting and squeaking, but wake for the crying and rooting (i.e. "I want food" sounds). We're thinking of moving her into her crib this week, as her nursery is so close to our bedroom and with the way she's growing, she'll out grow the bassinet fairly quickly. 

All in all, she's doing fantastic. Pics coming soon. 

2w, 3d old

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Alison said...

YEAH - love the updates! Can't wait for more pics!!