Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sneaky sneaky

Grandma and Pop came down for a quick visit. I happened to run to the Ferry Building for a quick trip to visit with a friend in the afternoon, and was able to make it back with some Recchuiti chocolates for my Mom, and I picked up a couple of hershey bars for my Pop (his preference). She was asking what he was eating.... and handed some over.

Jenna doesn't have a big sweet tooth, but this hit the spot.
nothing like chocolate brown lipstick!
;) not an everyday occurrence... but seeing my folks spoil Jenna does warm my heart up a bit. Well, until they leave shortly after feeding her chocolate!

Monday, March 8, 2010

New photos...

This poor blog. So neglected. I have reasons, I promise. I have this little one to keep up with. That's no easy task.

Jenna is obsessed crackers and water. And not the delicious Ritz crackers, no. The 12 grain crackers from Trader Joe's. And water. If we'd let her, she'd live on crackers and water. She wakes up asking for 'Crackers!?!?'

She also loves broccoli, asparagus, the crusts of bread (leaving the rest of a grilled cheese behind), lettuce, pasta, oatmeal and cake. She's no longer interested in cheese and has never loved meat. My little vegetarian. But not a vegan... she loves cake when we give her the opportunity (we've had a couple parties in the last couple of months). In the grocery store, she points to a food, identifys it, then says MMMMmmm! So... "Lettuce! Mmmmm! Banana's! Mmmm! Oranges! Mmmm!" Cracks me up.

She's also taken to the game of "What's that!?" Sounds cute, right? Yes. The first time. Maybe the second and third, too. But when you take a 2.5 hour drive with a toddler obsessed with the phrase "What's That!?" It no longer is cute, or fun. She ended up with every response being "A cloud. Another cloud. Yep, that's a cloud, too" I'm a terrible parent ;)

Totally overexposed, but I love everything about this photo:

This is our next door neighbor. When Jenna sees her, she says "Cow". Cracks me up every time!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ahhh a new baby.... (not mine!)

So some dear friends of ours had a baby recently. Their oldest baby is only 3 weeks older than Jenna and when they told me they were expecting again, the first thing I said was "You're absolutely crazy!" Images of Jenna in the 'fourth trimester' were dancing through my head.

And then, I got a chance to meet Mr. Eli. and now I'm swooning. I'm so, so excited that I get to be an Aunt in a few short months, and I will have a newborn to photograph, snuggle, and hand back when it starts screaming like J used to. We're not ready for another one yet, but meeting Eli certainly did make me start to covet another. And tell Mo & Conn that I was wrong in telling them they're crazy. Eli's just beautiful, and perfect. And fits into the D house so beautifully. Thank you for 'sharing' him with us.

He likes me, he's teasing me already.


I love the forehead wrinkles... so deep in thought for a one day old.
Big brother.
Brotherly love. Adorable.

Jenna checking out what all the fuss is about. Then she went back to playing after giving him a kiss.

Can you SEE the inkling of a smile!? We'll pretend it's not gas.
He's ready for the cover of GQ
I love baby feet!

At this point, my camera's battery died. I put it down, picked up the baby and didn't set him down until we said good bye. Good times.