Monday, March 1, 2010

Ahhh a new baby.... (not mine!)

So some dear friends of ours had a baby recently. Their oldest baby is only 3 weeks older than Jenna and when they told me they were expecting again, the first thing I said was "You're absolutely crazy!" Images of Jenna in the 'fourth trimester' were dancing through my head.

And then, I got a chance to meet Mr. Eli. and now I'm swooning. I'm so, so excited that I get to be an Aunt in a few short months, and I will have a newborn to photograph, snuggle, and hand back when it starts screaming like J used to. We're not ready for another one yet, but meeting Eli certainly did make me start to covet another. And tell Mo & Conn that I was wrong in telling them they're crazy. Eli's just beautiful, and perfect. And fits into the D house so beautifully. Thank you for 'sharing' him with us.

He likes me, he's teasing me already.


I love the forehead wrinkles... so deep in thought for a one day old.
Big brother.
Brotherly love. Adorable.

Jenna checking out what all the fuss is about. Then she went back to playing after giving him a kiss.

Can you SEE the inkling of a smile!? We'll pretend it's not gas.
He's ready for the cover of GQ
I love baby feet!

At this point, my camera's battery died. I put it down, picked up the baby and didn't set him down until we said good bye. Good times.