Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Place, New Neighborhood.

So we finally had the opportunity to check out our new neighborhood. We knew we were close to trails and parks and a school, but didn't know just how close we were. I took the munchkin out on the trails and let her run free. It felt so good to just let her GOOO! I realized how big she's getting. She never let me get all that far from her. She started stopping and challenging me to race... she'd stop, look back and under her breath say "ready,set,go!" then run for 10 feet. Then repeat. Over and over and over.

This was inside. She's figured out how to get up on the chair, but we're working on climbing back down. Before I helped her (belly on the chair, feet hang off, slide down!) I snapped a photo.

Daddy, can we puhleease go out and play!?
Only if you put on your rain boots... the grass is wet.

Please don't mind the terrible outfit. The outfit matched. The boots did not. And at that point, she needed a coat so I grabbed the closest one. Outfit disaster. Meh. She had fun, we had fun...

Bubbles. Bubbles are awesome. Thank you Landon for a terrific Valentine's Day gift!
More, more, more PLEASE!
The new place is awesome for us.

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April said...

Is that Hidden Lakes park- the open space?!!

Jenna is getting more and more gorgeous by the day!!