Monday, March 8, 2010

New photos...

This poor blog. So neglected. I have reasons, I promise. I have this little one to keep up with. That's no easy task.

Jenna is obsessed crackers and water. And not the delicious Ritz crackers, no. The 12 grain crackers from Trader Joe's. And water. If we'd let her, she'd live on crackers and water. She wakes up asking for 'Crackers!?!?'

She also loves broccoli, asparagus, the crusts of bread (leaving the rest of a grilled cheese behind), lettuce, pasta, oatmeal and cake. She's no longer interested in cheese and has never loved meat. My little vegetarian. But not a vegan... she loves cake when we give her the opportunity (we've had a couple parties in the last couple of months). In the grocery store, she points to a food, identifys it, then says MMMMmmm! So... "Lettuce! Mmmmm! Banana's! Mmmm! Oranges! Mmmm!" Cracks me up.

She's also taken to the game of "What's that!?" Sounds cute, right? Yes. The first time. Maybe the second and third, too. But when you take a 2.5 hour drive with a toddler obsessed with the phrase "What's That!?" It no longer is cute, or fun. She ended up with every response being "A cloud. Another cloud. Yep, that's a cloud, too" I'm a terrible parent ;)

Totally overexposed, but I love everything about this photo:

This is our next door neighbor. When Jenna sees her, she says "Cow". Cracks me up every time!

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Squeak said...

Great shots! You just reminded me that I need to take that camera out MORE! I think I've not updated my blog for years!