Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stories, before they're lost... and a few pics

So, I've been meaning to blog about this for over 2 months now (yipes!) and I keep forgetting, or maybe I'm just hesitant to get it written down for fear that someone will try to tell me Jenna's first word was something other than Dada.

A couple of months ago, just when Jenna was getting mobile enough to get into trouble, we started setting limits on what she can and can't touch in the living room (or is it family room? I always get those confused... it's the one with the TV). One thing she's not allowed to touch is Nick's guitar (um, for obvious reasons, right?) So, she crawled over to it. We sharply said "Jenna, No." and take her hand and remove it from the guitar. This was repeated over and over and over (we tried removing her and distracting her, but the allure of the guitar was apparently too much for her). At one point, after removing her hand and saying "NO" again, she looked at me, angry, turned back to the guitar and yelled "NO!" I dropped my jaw, looked over at Nick and we both started laughing. We did hear what we think we heard, but I maintain that she has yet to repeat the word 'no' again, thus, it isn't really her first word.

The other story happened about a month ago (maybe less?) I'm in the kitchen making coffee (decaf for me, leaded for Nick). Nick's in the above mentioned room (family room!?) laying on the floor, Jenna's crawling all over him. All the sudden I hear "Ow, hehe, ow... OWWW!!!" I go over to see what all the commotion was about and see Nick holding his nose. I asked him what's wrong and he proceeded to say "She gave me a bloody nose!" She was examining his face and stuck her finger up her nose. He claims he thought she'd stop, only to discover she wanted to see what was up there. She found blood, apparently.

OK, so normally I save all my favorite pictures for the month end letter, but I can't wait on these. They turned out great. I'm super excited I picked up a new lens, and the results, thus far, have been amazing. YAY!

I just pulled her hair out of pigtails and she was rockin her mop-top
I really can't get enough of her little round booty or her thigh rolls!
Jenna and Kellen, hanging out, admiring all the leaves outside they would love to get their hands on.

Again with the booty and thigh rolls... the smiley flower bloomers were too cute to ignore!
Mama and her baby.

This is, by far, my favorite picture lately. I love her eyes, I love that she's not all the way in the frame, I love that her pigtails are in the distance. This picture never fails to make me smile, and I think it ranks up there with my other favorite shots: Daddy's girl and the Tutu shots


Maria said...

Love love the pics!!!

Jenna is adorable!

Poor Nick and his nose!

Echloe said...

Smiley flower bloomer really make me want a little girl. So cute!!

And the "no" story cracks me up.

Meg said...

I just can't believe how big she's getting...