Monday, November 26, 2007

Things I've learned thus far...

So, I'm officially a quarter of the way through my pregnancy! Wow, that went quick! (guess it's because you technically don't know you're pregnant until you're about 4 weeks along, but whatever, I've known for 6.5 weeks, and that time has flown by.

Quick updates: the bloating is getting better, I'm steadily gaining weight, meat aversions have tapered off, then I ate so much freakin turkey this past weekend, if I see another piece of turkey, I'll barf, but not because of morning sickness... I think it's just too much tryptophan in my system! Anyway, right now? I'm feelin pretty darn good.

But, the point of this post is to note what I've learned thus far... so here it goes:

- The secret is hard to keep

- Once anyone other than your husband and you know, many, many people will know. Even if you ask nicely. Even if you ask very, very nicely and tell them that if something bad happens, they'll have to 'untell' all those that have been told that the pregnancy wasn't viable. People get excited, that's good. People like to share good news, that's good, but only when it's their news to share. We actually had to make a few 'emergency phone calls' to some close family friends because someone told another family friend. We wanted it to come from us. So, emergency phone call instead of planned weekend up to see said friends. Anyway, you get the picture.

- When people find out you'll get 3 questions right away:
1) will you find out the sex?,
2) Have you thought of names? and
3) How far along are you? (or, when's the baby due?)

- When question #3 is answered, they make a funny quizzical look (while they're doing the math in their head) and they quickly realize how long you've been keeping this a secret. This is when they're still super excited for your news, but they're slightly disappointed you didn't tell them the MINUTE that you found out that you were pregnant, that, well, you're pregnant. We've had multiple inquiries similar to the following: "Why didn't you tell us sooner?"
Well, actually, statitics show that the chance of miscarriage drops dramatically after x number of weeks (or after ______ milestone). I then would gently remind them that we, in fact, are sharing our news rather early. They don't fall for it. Eh, such is life.

- Have someone to blab to ... whether it be a super close friend, an online chat community (this can be a little dangerous, tread lightly), an acquaintance that is just close enough to be able to talk to, but won't blab because your circle of friends isn't close enough, whomever you choose, make sure you've got their trust. Oh, a blog works well, too. :)

Well, that's all I've got for today.

10 weeks even!


love22 said...

I just had a conversation the other day with someone about how no matter if you ask people to keep it quiet someone will always want to tell.

Congrats on getting a 1/4 through your pregnancy.

Greyson Ray said...

I love reading all the ways you've told your friends and family that you're pregnant :) Grey was a surprize and I pretty much just blurted it out to everyone really quickly, not sure what kind of reaction I would get. I can't wait to do it again and do it "right" with #2