Thursday, November 8, 2007

I had a dream...

Not a Martin Luther type dream but a big dream to me none-the-less. We're telling both sets of parents this weekend and in preparation for that, I bought 2 bottles of sparkling apple cider for me to celebrate, while they drink champagne and I drool. One bottle is for when we tell the parents and one for when we tell our siblings.

Anyway, I had a dream last night that we had our parents at a restaurant and we asked the waiter to bring out a bottle of champagne and we would bring the apple cider up from underneath the table cloth when he brought the champagne. We asked that he not bring the champagne out until we make the announcement, at which time we'd give him a 'signal'.

So what does he do? He brings the champagne that 'no one' ordered and tries to grab both bottles of the sparkling apple cider from underneath the table. He looks like a jackass and the entire table is confused as to what he's doing! We, sort of muddled out "we're having a baby" and then I woke up to pee.

Huh, guess I don't get a preview of the 'reveal'. It's probably good, because the whole situation was such a cluster, it didn't come out right and almost made me more nervous for the whole situation. Thank goodness it didn't play out as we already have it planned.

I have a sneaking feeling that as soon as my mom see's me, she'll have a clue. I've gained a couple pounds (I only weighted what I do now in college on the all starch diet provided by the awesome dorm cafeteria and that was many years ago now), and since I haven't seen her since, um, September (ack! I had to look back at the calendar to verify) I'm sure she'll notice the change right away.

Anyway, here's the 'plan'. My parents are going to head to my in-law's (IL's) house on Saturday morning. Normally we'd wake up and head up the mountain (they live in the foothills) early. We're going to attempt to arrive about 20 minutes after my parents arrive. When we walk in, I'll be wearing a sweatshirt and as soon as we drop our bags and I get a nod from DH, I'm going to take the sweatshirt off to show a shirt that says "There's going to be another monkey in our tree!" I'll wait to see who notices it first. Then, when they figure it out, we've got little frames for the latest u/s pic, one for each set of parents. The frames say "I knew I loved you from the moment I first saw you". Then, we'll break out the champagne and sparkling cider. Also, we got a little stuffed monkey (are you detecting a theme?) and we put a little recording in it for my husband's grandparents. The recording tells them that they're going to be great-grandparents in June 2008. We're going to bring that little monkey up with us to show our parents, because we know they'll love it and want to see it before sending it off. After all that fun, we'll follow with wine tasting, and I'll happily drive (duh) and maybe I'll bring my cider along?

So, we're more than excited about telling them. I can't wait for them to know... for someone to know! It's tough keeping this a secret and thinking of all the "what if's" alone.

On another note, I'm a complete slacker. (ha!) I don't have a scanner, and I haven't taken a picture of a picture of the u/s to share with everyone... so, here I am, pressing it up against the screen until I can get it online ;-)

7w, 3d


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you! Take pictures and share if you don't mind! They are going to love it! How fun! And PS: You win the best patience ever award!

Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend!! I can't even imagine how excited you are!

Iwantababybelly said...

That is so cute. I'm sure it will be a memorable weekend.