Friday, November 30, 2007

So... I've been a slacker.

I haven't updated this thing in awhile. Work has actually picked up for me a bit, not allowing me to put all necessary energy into screwing around on the internet. How DARE they!?!?! Eh, such is life.

Good things: Today I went to pick up a slew of paperwork for our '1st trimester screening'. I have an appointment next week, and at that time I get to go give them more blood for the first part of the NT scan. The week after that, I get to go to Oakland (seriously? nothing closer? Nope. Oh, ok, thanks.) and have the ultrasound where they measure the amount of space in the spinal column to see if there's downs or spina bifida (let's hope all that folic acid I've been taking has done it's job!) The week after that? 1st trimester class or "Early pregnancy class". I think it's funny because they actually signed me up for that at the first boring clerk appointment (remember the 20 forms and blood work? yup, that one). Anyway, I'll actually be OUT of my first trimester the day of the class (13w,3d). Oh well. I'm sure it will allow me to plan for the rest of the pregnancy.

The OTHER really good thing is: My mom and dad sent me a package from of super yummy brownies and hot cocoa. Yum! Lately it's been dropping in the 30's at night (for those in the midwest, yes, I complain about this because I live in California and we aren't supposed to 'literally' freeze here!) and so the hot cocoa sounds SO good right now. Plus, it came just in time for our 'date night' tonight. I'm going to make my husband watch the movie "Waitress" with me. He'll hate every minute, but I'll feed him some of the brownies, so that will make up for the 'chick flik'

Update on me: I'm feeling ok. Sometimes great! Sometimes like crap. Just hanging in there. Bloat has minimized just a bit, but I notice it's been replaced with fat. Awesome. I haven't weighted myself in a bit... maybe I'm too scared? I can start to feel where the uterus is rising out of my pelvis. (Just a bit). Boobs are less sore, too. OK, enough complaining.

This weekend we're going to a friends "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party. I can't wait! I can only hope I can stay up and not have to leave 10 minutes after showing up (because I'm pooped)! So the host and hostess are friends of ours, and they're expecting their first baby in May. They were the ones that we went out with the night that I got my BFP. Of course we didn't tell them that we're expecting then, but we plan to tell them at their party. I told her via email that if I could get my shit together, I'd have a surprise for them on Saturday. This is two-fold: First surprise: I'm due just about a month after her! Second surprise: I'm actually almost finished with a cute pair of hand-knit booties for them.

Anyway, looking forward to the weekend. Hope you all are, too!



Iwantababybelly said...

2 things.

1. I loved waitress. What did you think of it? I had that "baby don't ya cry, gonna make a pie, gonna make a pie with my heart in the middle" song in my head for days after seeing it.

2. I didn't know you were a knitter. Me too. I hope your friend liked the booties you made.

littlemonkey said...

1. I thought it was cute. Definately different than most other pregnancy movies!
2. She loved them, I gave them to her, she asked if I knit them, then we told her about our baby. She said "Will you be making a pair for yourself?"


I've found this great book... lemme see if I can find a link to it... here: GREAT patterns, esp. if you don't know if it's a boy or girl yet!