Friday, November 16, 2007

Holy Bloat Batman!

OK, so this is the ever-fun stage where I still haven't told the masses and I still have to hide my pregnancy and all of it's symptoms. This has been interesting. I haven't gained tons of weight, but I have gained the infamous bloat.

I realized this yesterday. Every morning is an adventure as to 'what to wear' without looking like a complete goof. I decided to wear a skirt yesterday. I figured that as I wore it through out the day, I could move it up and down to keep it from annoying me. Well, low and behold 4:30 rolls around and I've realized the top of the skirt has now joined forces with my bra band. It's 4 to 5 inches above my belly button. This is the skirt that I bought because it was on sale for $9 and it was a little big on me, but it was worth the price. Before, I used to have to hike that thing up, now, I'm wearing it like a grandpa with suspenders.

Quick note about me: I've got a skin condition: Psoriasis, so if you see red patches, that's what it is. I've had it for over 10 years and I'm used to it. At first I was scared to share pics and now, well, I don't care, I've shared enough info to scare everyone anyway, might as well share this, too!

So, bloat belly present, I decided to take some pictures for you. Here is my belly nice and relaxed, sort of how it was earlier with the skirt:

Here is my belly, with me sucking it in as much as I can... I'm trying really, really hard. I also took a picture this morning, when I woke up 'skinny' (i.e. no bloat) and when I upload that, you'll be amazed by the difference. It's crazy. I'm scared to ask where all that bloat went overnight. At this point, I figure ignorance is bliss!

The reason I didn't get this morning's picture uploaded is because I was messing with my first turkey, ever. I'm hosting a pre-Tday with my fam this weekend. The thing that sucks? The brine solution was not pleasant to my nose. I'm still having the aversion to meat, which is super fun. We'll see if I eat any of my first turkey ever! (Oh, and I'm telling my brother tonight!)



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know I just joined The Nest Baby. It won't let me post yet until 3 days are up, but I ran across your blog and love hearing all about your pregnancy. Congratulations!! Me and my husband have just decided to start trying and this will be my first cycle charting and really trying. The real reason I am posting is I have psoriasis also, but mine is pretty severe. I was on an injection, Raptiva, for about 3 years but just went off 5 mo. ago so that we could ttc. It has now broken out really badly and it was nice to hear that someone else has it and is now pregnant. Has it gotten worse or better since preg. if you don't mind me asking?

shoppingsmycardio said...

i am officially mocking this belly picture.....because, really, would you expect any less from me?

littlemonkey said...

I've stopped all of my meds (mainly dovonex ointment and the scalp solution). It's not turned into a 'flare' but I have to keep it moisturized. I'm not washing my hair as much ever other day or so, and that's helped my scalp (that's where I have it the worst).

I'm hanging in there, good luck with TTC and your psoriasis! GL!