Friday, December 28, 2007

I have no clue as to how to dress this body

I'm in that transitional stage. I've got a little pot belly (I promise a pic is coming soon) but I'm not sure as to how to dress it. I am used to wearing fitted clothing. Now, I'm not talking about cat woman tight, or low cut or anything, I'm just a fan of fitted clothing. I've basically had the same body shape since high school, and I'm very comfortable dressing that body.

This body? I don't have a clue. I know I don't have the full blown pregnant belly, I've just got a little pot belly. Maternity pants feel good, but I can't justify purchasing 7 pairs to get me through the week as I know that in a few short weeks, they may not fit, and a few short weeks from that, I'll be looking at them longingly just as I do my 'cute' non-pregnant clothes now.

So, today I'm wearing a button up top that used to be very, very baggy on me and now my little pot belly protrudes just a bit stretching the bottom buttons just as the top buttons used to bulge a little at the bust. Oh, the bust can't even be buttoned now, I've just got a camisole underneath it to hide the girls. The pants? Hand me downs from my mom. They're comfortable, but I can't secure them at the waist... maybe because I don't technically own a waist anymore? Hmm. Oh, and then the piece that totally makes the total outfit: the awesome boot I'm wearing for my poor foot. Yes, that's all I need for a true fashion disaster.


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