Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Baby Goods

So, as I've started looking through all the baby goods out there, I've decided I don't really want a lot. We don't own our home, so I can't paint the nursery walls, but I'll still decorate it in 'baby' style. It's going to be a nursery/guest room. So, the more I research, the less I'm inclined to buy. Don't get me wrong, we'll get staples, but we want high quality items that can be used for 2 kids, and then we can give it away.

So, that being said, here's my rough initial list:

1) Bugaboo stroller. Yes, it's the craziest stroller out there, it's expensive, but it's versatile (and perfect for our needs). We'll use the bassinet in our room until the baby sleeps in the crib. The bassinet will also be used when traveling. The stroller frame will clip in our infant car seat, which we'll use until it outgrows it. Then, we'll move to the 'stroller' seat (hopefully timed well with the transition from bassinet to crib). Good news? I was just told that I'll be getting a bonus that I can apply to this purchase! Yay!
2) The infant car seat we like is the Graco Snugride. It's one of the safest out there, and it attaches right to the Bugaboo and to the swing we're looking at getting, which brings me to ...
3) The Graco SweetPeace. This thing is crazy. It 'rocks' in 2 directions, vibrates, has a variety of 'white noise' options and you can even plug your ipod in the back to your favorite "baby mix" to put it to sleep... Now only if it would nurse the baby, too! As I noted before, the snugride will click right into this, so if baby's sleeping when we come home from the grocery store, I can just ensure it continues to sleep while I unload the groceries! here's all the info:
4) We're still deciding on a crib. This isn't super high priority, just something that's safe and hasn't been recalled. I'd like something in a cherry finish with a drop side. Nothing too fancy... we'll get there later. Same with bedding. Others get super excited about this... maybe I'm just not because we don't know the sex yet? Eh... we'll get there.
5) We have a dresser in said guest bedroom/nursery, and I'm planning on getting a changing pad for the top of it.
6) Books. I can't wait to get a bunch of books to read to our baby.
7) Diaper bag. I'm such a purse snob, of course I've looked into this already! And, what a shocker! it fits on the back of the bugaboo!
8) of course, bottles, diapers, burp rags, a few play things (maybe a baby gym?) a boppy (for breastfeeding and for supporting the baby), a breast pump (NOT manual!) and blankets blah, blah, blah...
Maybe I should have titled this as a 'wish list' for the items I've researched and plan to go for.. hmm. Anyway, I'm excited. When I first found out I was pregnant, I looked at a few things online and I realized how overwhelmed I was at the choices, and, well, just the amount of STUFF out there for babies. Of course, the stores all tell you you need EVERYTHING, but after doing some research, I'm going to try to pair it down as much as possible.

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shoppingsmycardio said...

good god, you are blogging up a storm, woman!

leave the books to me...the kid'll be a geek in no time :)