Friday, December 14, 2007

NT Scan

OK, so first of all, I have no pictures to post with this one... BUT I'll be able to describe what happened. Yesterday, we had the ultrasound portion of our NT scan. This test tells us our chances of having a child with Down's Syndrome. We went to Oakland for this appointment (far!) to a new facility. We got there, they brought us in pretty quick and we had a super nice tech initially. This room was much bigger than the room we've been going to to see our NP. They had a monitor for us, and one for them (great idea!) The clarity on the monitor was great! She plopped the gel on, and started moving the ultrasound head and found our baby right away.

At first, it was cooperative. It was laying in a nice position to see the neck (what they measure during this appointment). At first, I just thought it had it's little hand up towards it's head, but then, with further inspection, we saw that it was sucking it's thumb! This runs in my family, so I told Nick that it's definitely our baby! (Duh, as if it's not inside me! I haven't quite figured that out yet... maybe when it starts kicking and I can feel it!). We also got to see and hear the heartbeat, a healthy 153 beats per minute. The other thing we noticed, just about right away was how big it's little belly was! The tech said that some babies at this stage aren't very well defined and look a little, um, odd. She said that ours definitely looks like a little person, and it looks very, very healthy! (Yay! nice to hear it from someone other than us!). Then, the second tech came in. Apparently the first tech doesn't have the certificate to take the NT measurements.

Oh, and our baby's measuring a day ahead. Maybe I AM almost out of the first tri!

This second tech wasn't unfriendly, she just wasn't excitable and talkative like the first one. So, when she put the ultrasound head on my belly (with a VERY full bladder, per the instructions) the baby had turned so you could see it's back (little, tiny spine!). Apparently, our baby had the same thoughts on this woman as I did. It wasn't interested in giving her a great view, because she just wasn't as nice and talkative. She thought she'd try to turn it by bouncing the ultrasound head forcefully up and down on my uterus (and, in turn my very full bladder). Nope, that didn't work... after many, many tries. She had me cough, and she got a few shots, with just enough of a view to take the measurements she needed. Note to self: when the tech is nice and revels in the fact that you and your husband is enjoying watching your little one, TAKE ADVANTAGE, as the next one may not enjoy it as much as you do!

Good news? Our baby has a minimal chance of having downs syndrome. Only 1 in 10,000 of a chance. :)

12w, 4d

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