Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More belly pics

So, my good friend enjoys mocking me for taking these pics. Eh, I don't really care. I really want to see this thing grow... so here's the latest. I got my husband to shoot this one of
 me... and, my goal is to take a pic before every doctor appointment, so at least I'll be consistent. 

Without further adieu... 
By the way... this is, by far, my favorite outfit, EVER. Not the best picture of me ever, but I'll keep that in mind for next time... for comparison, I'll dig up a few photos. 
Oh, and one of my hobbies is photogra
phy. I freakin love it. More than I should. I take pictures of everything
. Good news? Everything's documented. Bad thing? I'm never, ever in any shots. So, I may have to dig deep into the vault to show a pic of my belly pre positive pregnancy test... 
Ha, found one... my hair's grown qui
te a bit in a little under a year! I look super tired, but you get the point... Maybe I'll take my next picture in my favorite Yankee's t-shirt! 

Well, now I'm in a picture searching mode... Here's one from our honeymoon and since my husband is so cute... here's his pic with the turtle! Just so you know... formatting gets weird with pictures... so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this post to turn out without funky formatting! 
11w, 1d


love22 said...

I love belly pics. Keep em coming. :)

Anonymous said...

My what a big "Baby Bump" you have. It looks darling! You are going to be so cute when you hit your 3rd tri! Don't, I repeat don't buy anything til after you go home at Christmas. I bet the family will bombard you with stuff! Besides the after holidays sales will be great for whatever you don't get!

shoppingsmycardio said...

you are so going to be that annoying girl who doesn't even look pregnant from behind, and just looks like she stuck a beach ball in her shirt from the front.

yes, i mock, but you're darling....even in the belly pics ;)

Alison said...

Awww Janessa! You look great!! --Alison