Tuesday, December 11, 2007

1st tri end in sight... but not here yet!

Ah, so this weekend was great in that I had TONS of energy on Saturday, at least until 8:45pm, then I fell asleep. Sunday? Pooped. All day! Another day of laying around on the couch. I'm really, really looking forward to the so-called 2nd trimester 'burst' of energy you're supposed to get. Lemme tell you, this fatigue really puts a cramp in the holidays. Nick was so awesome yesterday, he cleaned the house, put up an evergreen wreath and just made the house look awesome. I love it. I think he was sick of looking at the stuff I was too pooped to lift a finger to move. He's been a real trooper, I'm quite impressed.

He also reminds me to do things. Apparently, this condition called "pregnancy brain" is really giving me a run for my money. I don't remember to send out thank you cards, I get tasks started, but never really finish them, and that, coupled with my short temper (thanks to those oh-so-fabulous hormones) really put me in a tizzy.

Ah, now on to the positives: I'm pregnant. I've got a pregnant gut (aka beer belly looking gut), my boobs have now increased 2 full cup sizes (this is good for Nick, not so much for me) and they're not as sore, thank goodness). Ah, my favorite: everyone knows! I've been given license to tell any and everyone about our little monkey. Thank goodness! No more hiding, slinking around. I can freely wander in baby sections with the news that I haven't gained weight because that's what happens after high school, I've gained weight because I'm growing a baby. Yay!

12w, 1d

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