Thursday, December 27, 2007

Traveling, Classes and Maybe a broken foot?

Wow, a lot's happened in the last week or so. First of all: We're officially in the second trimester! Yay! Who's "we're"? Uh, I don't know, either me and the baby, or Nick and I or well, I guess all 3 of us.

First news? We got our bugaboo... yay! Super excited and pics to follow.

We went to our 'early pregnancy class' about a week ago. It was good. I wasn't the farthest along, but I was the one with the noticeable bump... how that works, I have no idea. One of the women hadn't even told her work yet and she was 15 weeks along!

Also, I some how hurt my foot. I've had x-rays, it's not broken, but they can't rule out a stress fracture. So now I'm running around in a big ol' boot to protect my foot. Fun times.

We just saw our NP again today. We got to hear the heartbeat, although it's being stubborn, it kicked and punched a couple of times before we could actually hear the heart beat. She said we've got a little active one, and she's sure I'm not going to enjoy that later on in the pregnancy. But for now, I'm looking forward to feeling it moving around...

Oh, speaking of "it" we don't have our big ultrasound scheduled yet. Apparently, if we haven't heard from Radiology in the next week or so, we're supposed to call and schedule it ourselves. Fine by me! I think our NP wants to see us a week after that appointment, so hopefully it will be the week of the 21st of January... and the clock beings to tick tock a little slower...

That's it for now, although I'm due for a new belly shot... Maybe in the next day or so.

14 weeks 3 days

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