Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ok, time for a new post

So, I'm sitting here, at 8DPO, and I have a bunch of tests at home. 7 to be exact. And, here's the kicker... they have to be used by 11/07. That's when they expire. Fun for me. I get to pee in a cup and use a little dropper to dispense 3 drops into the the little circle thing and wait my 3-5 minutes.

Am I pregnant? I don't know. My boobs hurt. That's new. I had cramping, but that's gone. It's still too early to tell. This is pure torture. Sitting. Waiting.

I think it'd be better if work would distract me. But it's not. It's been super slow. My 'supervisor' is also supposed to be my 'partner' and he's trying to take on more of a 'supervisor' role. That means he's taking a large majority of my duties, and trying to get me to back off on the rest of my duties. And, at this point, I'm supposed to play along. Bullshit. So, I'm sitting here, blogging at work. Blogging and 'nesting'. That's that baby website I spoke of before. Oh, and of course! I'm waiting.

My period is due sometime between Saturday and Monday. I'll be testing every day up until then. Ah, back to the tests. I've got 7. I had 25 back in June, when we had our 'oops'. I used 13 since then, apparently. If I count right, that's 4 cycles... 1 test was blown because I opened the package, looked down, and AF (my period) had begun. That bitch. Anyway... They all expire next month. Does that mean I get to use them in November or not? Hmmmm, hopefully I won't have to find out!

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