Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pregnancy Oddities

I'm going to attempt a number of reoccuring themes in the blog, they include (as of yet): Monthly stats (how fat am I getting?), Pregnancy Positives (the good things) and, this most recent 'made up' category: Pregnancy Oddities.

Here goes the first:

There's nothing like waking up furious at your husband. We don't go to bed angry, I sleep and I wake up pissed! Apparently, pregnancy dreams are supposed to be pretty vivid and real.

Here's the back story. We were planning on how to tell our parents that we're expecting. At first, I wanted to have all the 'grandparents' get together for a picture and instead of yelling "Say Cheese!" we'll say "Say Grandparents!". My husband wasn't a fan of that one. So, when searcing on (this will entertain you for HOURS!) I found this shirt that says "There's going to be a new Monkey in our tree". My husband must have repeated that line like 5 times last night before bed. (I think he likes it!)
In case you can't tell, we call our little embryo a monkey. It's our thing.

So, that leads me to my dream. I had a dream that we bought that shirt, along with a little onsie and it arrived. We just happen to run into his parents (I don't know where, they're currently in Hawaii and live 2 hours away from us, so we don't exactally 'run into them') and my fantastic husband just said to his mom "Hey, check this out" and showed her the onesie... WTF!!! She was literally speechless. She didn't say a word and walked around with her mouth open and in shock. He then took the onesie to his dad and showed it to him. He was excited. I was so dissappointed! We've planned to tell our parents together, so I was thinking: "Why do his parents get to know first?"

The dream was so real, I remember during it, wondering if it was true or not.

So I woke up angry. Then, I looked over at my husband, sleeping, and realized it wasn't true. I told him about it... it's official: He thinks I'm nuts. I may be nuts, but I'm growing his little monkey.


5 weeks 2 days (PW: 4 weeks 2 days)


Anonymous said...

See, I'm back--I really do live for your updates! :)
Love the dream although now that gives me another reason to irrationally believe I'm pg--vivid dreams! will the irrationality never end??
ps: i thought your idea for the "Say Grandparents" pic was one of the best ways to announce that I've heard. do it!!!

littlemonkey said...

yay! happy to hear that you liked that idea... who are you? (screen name?!?!)