Saturday, October 13, 2007

DH's reaction

So, I called DH when I was on my way home from work. He said I woke him up because he had a really bad headache, so he was napping. So, I went home, PIAC, got the positive that I needed from something other than the *almost* expired tests and I proceeded in to our room to tell him I needed to wake him up for a sec.

He was a little grouchy... "WHY?"

"Well, I needed to give you this" as I handed over a super cheesy musical card

"What's this for?"

"Open it! Silly!"

The front of the card said "You did it!" he said "What did I do?" (ha) He opened it, and said, "REALLY? really?!?!? OMG, that just made my whole day! I can't believe it!"

He proceeded to open the rest of the 'gift' which included the book "My boys can swim" book and a little 49ers onesie, booties and beanie. He was so enamored with the booties: "they're so tiny!" (I could only find a 3-6 months set, so I told him that they start out A LOT smaller than that!)

So, I showed him that test that I brought home... I said, I know it's faint, but they say a line is a line, so... look"
He said he clearly saw the line. Little did I know at that time, he thought the control line was the one I was talking about. Whe I later said, no, it's the second line, he was like, well, I'm glad you took that other one, because this one looks fake.

But, wait a second, I'm getting ahead of myself. So, he was super excited! We were gushy for a good while before we got up and moved around. Oh, and in the 'gushy' part, I took a digital and dipped it in the PIAC from the test before. It didn't take long to come up "Pregnant". Here's a pic of my DH and his excitement (along with the test).

His headache persisted, but the good news gave him a better outlook on the day.

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