Monday, October 29, 2007

Monkeys and Strollers

OK, so after my mini freak out, I've now come to realize I'm actually pregnant. I have symptoms that come and go with one exception: my boobs. Holy cow, they're getting huge! They itch and it's starting to get uncomfortable to sleep on my belly. I'm hoping to make it through the week before I have to upgrade my bra size!

Anyway, this weekend, I really wanted to go do something 'baby-related'. Because only we know, it makes it difficult to cope with symptoms or ignore someone pouring a glass of wine, or turning down sushi! (I did that this weekend! I had tempura and chicken teryaki but drooled as my husband ate his hamachi....) So, I asked him if we could go to a baby shop. He slowly said yes (a little hesitant, I know he didn't want to go). So we showed up at Bellini in a town close to us. And, we stepped 5 feet in the door, and I was playing with the little monkey stuffed animals, as I turned around... there he was... playing with the mother of all strollers: the bugaboo

The nice sales person came over and asked if she could offer some help. Yes! So she showed us how fantastic and awesome this way overpriced stroller was. The thing that got us both was the cute little bassinet. The thing was so sturdy, easy, light. My huband is officially in love. We bought a few frames as gifts for each of our parents, some preggie pops for my morning sickness (waves of naseaua). And we were off for lunch.

Ever since, my husband's been obsessed! He's been talking about nothing but strollers, comparing them online and discussing how we'll prioritize our future purchases. He laughed and said "I can't believe I'm so excited about monkeys and strollers!" (We're calling our little one our bean or our little monkey right now).

I'm so happy we went shopping. He admitted that initially, he wasn't excited to go look at baby stuff, but after the trip, he's that much more involved. It's nice to have us both 'believing' we made something!

6 weeks pregnant!

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