Sunday, October 14, 2007

Um, am I supposed to squeal?

OK, ok. I'm REALLY excited I'm pregnant. I mean it. But, when I called the Kaiser advice line in efforts to find out what to do now? The first person I spoke with said "Will you proceed with the pregnancy?"

I replied "Um, yes. Very much so." in a very calm and collected voice. Afterally, I got my BFP the morning before, shared the news with my husband, and as far as I'm concerned, I was getting down to the 'business' of being pregnant.

She then proceeds to say "Is this your first?!?!"


"OMG! You must be so excited! Congratulations!"

"Thank you. Do I need a blood test to confirm?"

"No those HPT's are very, very reliable. Did you take more than one?"

"Yes, I took a few. All positive"

"How many is a few?"

I lied "I took 4" (I actually took 6. That's right 6 pregnancy tests. 2 in the morning, the freebies, 2 at lunch (more freebies), one target brand "EPT" and one digital. That's a lot of tests, and I didn't want to embarass myself by telling her I didn't believe the first two. Ah, what a great way to start of a pregnancy: by lying to your health care providers.

"Ah, well it sounds like you're pregnant!"
(no shit sherlock)

So I made my first appointment. Apparently it's with a clerk. It's an hour long, and they do a lot of tests. The woman on the phone told me to bring a notebook, as apparently forgetfullness is a symptom of pregnancy. There was a bit of arguing over how far along I am, because according to her handy-dandy calendar wheel, I was only 2 weeks and 5 days pregnant (amount of time from my last period). I told her that due to my short menstral cycles, I am, in fact pregnant (remember that test talk we had a few short moments ago... and she thought I was forgetting things!). She informed me that 'ultrasounds will be imparative in determining the age, as your LMP data is off.

Thanks, lady.

Suddenly, after that conversation with the nurse, I had a flash back to Miranda on sex in the city. She faked her happiness for her health care provider. I'm very, very excited to be pregnant, but I don't feel like I should squeal everytime I tell someone. My DH, yes (actually, I didn't even squeal for him, but I was happy), my parents and my husband's parents, yes. But total strangers.... really? I can't just be calm?

And, let this be the first time I include my progress at the end of my post (I totally stole this idea from another person's blog, btw):

According to My due date is June 23, 2008 which would make me currently:
3 weeks, 6 days along.

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