Monday, October 22, 2007

Not very exciting update...

So, not much has happened. I've had symptoms come and go. I've been trying to wear all of my skinny clothes. We haven't told anyone, and I'm not sleeping well. But that's about it. So, here I sit. Pregnant.

Oh, I guess there is an update. I went to the doctor's, but didn't see the doctor. I met with a clerk, and she went through about 20 forms. I had my blood drawn and I pee'd in a cup. Oh, fun story. We (I brought my husband) walked up to register, and the woman took my card, and yelled "YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A BAY-BEE!!!" Wow. Yes, we are. Thank you for announcing it to the hospital, lady. It would have been fine, but since only 5 or so people know we're expecting (3 at the hospital, hub's and I) It's a little weird to have it announced.

I can't wait to tell our parents! They're dragging their feet (who am I kidding, it's not my parents that are dragging their feet, it's my Dad) to move closer, and I know that as soon as we tell them, they'll pack all their stuff up and move within like 3 months. November 10th seems like so far away!

Oh, and my brother thinks he's going to suprise us. He's buying a new car, but won't tell any of us what type it is (cars are big in my family). So he says that we'll have to wait to find out the suprise. Can't wait to tell him our little 'suprise', too!

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