Wednesday, January 21, 2009

7 month letter

Dear Jenna,

Holy cow! You're 7 months old! You're officially closer to 1 year than your birthday. Time continues to fly by. You amaze me daily. You make me giddy daily. And, there are those days that you frustrate me. Luckily, those are fewer than the 'amazing' and the 'giddy' days. I'm in awe. You're growing by leaps and bounds. The last month has presented us with the challenges of teething. You poor thing. Your first tooth popped through the day after Christmas, and, in the last week you've cut 3 more. You've also learned to bite, but I won't go into those details in this kind and gentle letter to you. Though, I did want to mention it, should I need leverage during a "discussion" when you're a teenager.

You had your very first Christmas! Santa was good to you and brought you this musical table. Your favorite part of the table is the trombone and you shake your little tush whenever you move that slider. Santa must have known that you'd be standing before Mom and Dad because he had those elves of his put the legs on the table so you could stand at it. We (Mom and Dad) couldn't figure out how to take the legs off, those elves must be paid pretty well, their work is good, too good for us to figure it out. In any case, you're now standing at this table and it keeps you entertained for a long time.

You're now *loving* your baths. You have a grand old time. Go figure, all it took was us taking you out of the kitchen sink and putting you in the tub. Oh, and giving you toys. That was a big factor. Here's an obligatory "baby in the bath" shot. How stinkin cute are you!?

OK, back to Christmas (silly photo up loader! I don't have the patience to upload pics one at a time, thus, it gets jumbled). So, as much as we wanted you to enjoy your new duds and toys, you, of course were much more excited about the paper. You're currently obsessed with paper. We try to keep it out of your mouth, but you see how good of a job we were at that task on Christmas morning. In any case, you *love* Sundays as you get to play with at least one advertisement while I bat it out of your mouth. Of course, with the teething over the last month, EVERYTHING goes in your mouth and is subsequently covered in drool. I've heard about this from other parents, but after experiencing it, I've realized how much drool can really come from one little monkey. And, let's just say it's enough to soak you and me.

Your personality continues to shine through. You're not shy about letting us know what you want, and how you want it. You're currently becoming more and more mobile and, subsequently, borrowing (taking) toys from the other babes at day care. You also aren't shy about grabbing some one's arm/hand/neck/hair and biting on that. Again, everything goes in the mouth. Doesn't matter if there's flesh or fabric or a toy, it all goes in the toothy abyss.

We introduced you to snow at Nanny and Poppie's over Christmas. I'm pleased to say that your first Christmas was a white one. We opened gifts and headed up to Nanny and Poppie's and shortly after we arrived, it snowed. This is a picture from the morning after that, and you weren't quite sure what to do with this white stuff. Going up there and dealing with snow and you for only a couple of hours before most of it melted made me appreciate the fact that we live in the bay area. We get to choose to go to the snow and don't have to deal with it on a daily basis. For us, it's a novelty, something fun as opposed to an obligation. Guess that's why we deal with the cost of living here in the bay area (among other reasons).

Here's your official 7 month picture... you're about to take down Coach. The bunny doesn't interest you at all.

You're beautiful. I know I'm biased, but you're so stinkin cute. People that haven't met Dad tell me you look just like me. I don't see it. At all. I honestly don't see my face or your Dad's face in you at all. I see a little of Nanny and a little of Grandma, but that's about it.

Current events: We just welcomed a new President to office. It's a very exciting time for our country, there's a lot of hope out there and the optimistic feeling has been amazing.

You continue to amaze us. I think I've said that in every single letter I've written you, but it's so true. Each day I can't believe how quickly time has passed, how big you're getting, the fact that you're hitting various milestones and are just growing up. The thought of you walking scares and excites me. You're right on the verge of crawling (though you can motor around, for the most part) and it's just amazing to me that a year ago I found out you were a girl and just started to feel you move.

You make my day. Each and every day. Thank you for that.



Cameron's mom said...

She is freaking beautiful. Everytime I see her, she makes me smile inside as well as out! I love holding her...her warmth melts my heart! Love you "Jane"!!

ab said...

Jenna is so beautiful Janessa! I have to tell you, it may be the Mommy hormones, but everytime I read one of your entries, I have to go scoop up my own little one and kiss her to pieces! You inspire mad Momma love! = ) It amazes me she is already 7 months old! Wow! Time flies.