Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I've been absent

I've not had time to blog lately. Well, not adequate time. No time to upload photos (I've got a couple good ones, too), no time to rest, no time to post.

As I've noted, Jenna's been fussy. The top tooth is coming in s l o w l y as it's half way through (took about a week to get from barely pointing through to half way through). She hasn't been sleeping well since Christmas, and, the two weeks before Christmas she was ill twice. So, roughly six weeks worth of poor sleep has really worn on all 3 of us. But, I feel like we're on the mend. YAY! We're currently reducing the night time feedings down to what they *used* to be at 1-2 per night. I think with the illness/travel/teething/chaos she just got used to being held and comforted at night and her sleeping habits took a nosedive.

The other reason I've been missing. I've decided I spend way too much time on my computer at work to come home and spend some more time starring at a screen. So, I'm limiting my computer use at home. That, and, I've started back on FlyLady and my house is slowly but surely getting back into shape. This month is all about reestablishing my daily habits (little more than that) of unloading the dishwasher in the morning, starting a load of laundry, making the bed and swishing and swiping my bathrooms. If I have time for my other 'task' for the day, so be it. If I choose to knit instead, that's ok too.

Jenna's been making leaps and bounds in terms of developmental milestones. One of the reasons I started this blog was to actually *remember* to write these down, and now I feel like I've already missed so much to document. But, as of right now, she can currently roll (both ways! Finally!) scoot around on her belly (360 degrees) sort of crawls backwards and now she's doing the sitting -> 3 point 'stance' rocking as though she's going to crawl. Nick predicts she's going to be crawling by her 7 month birthday (in 8 short days). Most of these little milestones happened over the weekend, but they're all very exciting, none-the-less. Oh! And she's standing... we got her a musical table (still haven't posted on Christmas, due to not uploading pictures) and originally Santa put the legs on the table only to realize that when the box says "removable legs" they only mean that if you don't put the legs on first... meaning, the 'table top' can be used on the floor and then the legs can be ADDED. Once they're on, they don't come off. Nick and Poppie both tried very hard to get them off and they just don't. Well, Christmas morning, it seems as though it would be forever for her to stand and use the table.. so we just kind of held her up to it. Now, she stands at the table, hits at the different 'stuff' and dances to the music. The trombone is her favorite :) (note to self! Must get video!)

8 days shy of 7 months...

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Alison 'n Brandyn said...

I love keeping up with your blog... but I hear you on the no time!! Yeah for all the exciting new development with Jenna... and for her more regular sleep habits (good for EVERYONE!).