Monday, April 14, 2008

New Belly Pic

Well, here's my current picture. I really should invest in a tripod that will take vertical pictures. My current tripod was made for a video camera (it's a hand me down) and I'm really a vertical picture kind of girl... Hmm, I guess I could lay down on the ground and take a picture of myself, that would fix this whole problem, but instead, I use the only vertical tripod I "own": Nick. It's easy to get him to take the pictures... all I have to do is say "Honey, it's time for a belly picture, can you please snap one of me?" But it's hard to get him to understand the finer details of the SLR camera.

This morning, while taking this picture, I noticed that with the morning sun (not enough light), the shutter speed was a little slower than normal (I could hear it). I told him that. He looks at the tiny picture on the screen and says "Looks good to me!" And, I'll give him that... with the tiny image, it didn't look blurry. Well, when I upload it, lo and behold... it's blurry. I had him take a few additional shots with the flash (as to eliminate the slow shutter speed and eliminate the issues with the moving tripod). I don't like the coloring and, my I don't like my expression ... it's really hard to take pictures of yourself... suddenly laying on the floor might be my next option. As I only really have 10 weeks left to take pictures of myself... then, the REAL fun begins! (Pictures of our little monkey!)

Here's a picture with the flash (offset).

I love photography. I'm not great at it, but it's a fun hobby.
OK, I'm at 30 weeks. 10 weeks to go... holy cow, this has come along pretty quickly. I continue to get "Any day now!" remarks wherever I go. I know people want to be nice, but I still have 10 weeks people! I actually enjoy telling people I still have over 2 months. Their eyes bug out of their head as they try to wrap their brain around how much bigger my belly can get. People! I started out on the smaller side, there's no way to go but out! I really did start out with not much space in my abdomen. My co-worker would work on my psoas muscle (muscle that goes from the front of your spine, around the front of your pelvis and inserts on your inner thigh, it's a hip flexor and can contribute to back problems... there. I'm a nerd, now you see it. Anyway, he'd go to work on this muscle at where it inserts on the front of the spine... he'd only push in my belly for an inch and a half or so, and he'd be pressing on my spine. It's really incredible how much changes in such a short period of time with pregnancy.
Anyway, I'm done blabbering for today. Plenty more for posts later in the week :)
30 weeks, even!


Katie said...

Lookin' good!!! Any day now, right? ;) (god, I hope not!)

Alison said...

So beautiful!! I can't believe that you're 30 weeks!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can' believe how quickly 30 weeks has gone! You look great!

The Shmoopies said...

You look great! With me we always joked that J was standing straight up b/c I never showed all that much. I guess maybe your little girl is lying w/her feet straight out? ;) Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic, enjoy your next 10 weeks!

Sheila said...

I really love these pics! You are too cute, and will only get cuter in the next 10 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Fellow nestie here, just wanted to say I think you look fabulous. I'm a week behind you and I've got a big bump too! I've gained over 20 pounds now (started out pretty small) but I love it because it's all belly -- I can definitely say the same for you. Lookin' good! :)