Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2 Ups and Many Downs

Be forewarned: this is going to get whiney. (I wish it were "wine-y" but that's another story entirely)

Let's start with the ups:
1) My baby shower is this weekend! I'm so excited to get my close friends together one more time before baby o makes her appearance! Also, I'm having maternity shots taken this weekend and we get to see our little monster in action via a 3D ultrasound. I'm really excited for this weekend.

2) (this one's small but meaningful!) I love Peet's Coffee. If you don't have them in your area, I'm sorry. I used to love Starbucks, until I realized how bland their coffee was, and how they just add sugar to everything to make it taste better. I still go to Starbucks in a pinch (aka, while visiting my parents in AZ, as they don't have peets there) but I almost always set my compass to Peets whenever possible. Anyway, I walked into Peets this morning for my fake coffee (aka decaf caramel latte) and whaddya-know?!?! They started carrying my ABSOLUTE favorite chocolate. As I noted in a previous post (too lazy to go back and look for it) I love going to the SF Ferry Building and farmer's market for many, many reasons, but my never fail stop is at Recchiuti Chocolates. I *love* their fleur de sel caramels and now that Peets is carrying their chocolate bars, I won't have to jump on BART to get my absolute favorite chocolate. My morning improved.

This leads me to the whining part of the post:
My work just moved offices. Every thing's been chaotic, as expected, and I didn't schedule any time off for it (I worked all weekend) knowing if something goes wrong, I'm in charge of fixing it (well, most things... or all things "business" related). So, Monday morning at 7am after working through the weekend and the previous week I received a phone call: a vendor was here, needed access to a room only I had a key to. Fine. I came in. Then Tuesday, I came into work to find out our phones stopped working (and, the alarm was going off at the other location and, and, and...) So today, Wednesday, I figured all the kinks were worked out. Of course, at 7am, AGAIN, I got a call. Our keys don't work on the door leading to our facility, so I had to come in. After working 10 days in a row, with something going wrong every day... I lost it.

My feet are now swollen as was kindly brought up to me by my NP at kaiser. I haven't taken the time to really rest. AND, when I have, I've had 2 sleepless nights. So, with the swollen feet, I can't fit in my shoes (I'm really trying to deny this) and I don't have time to go shopping for new shoes. Also, I need to upgrade my bra, but I'm sick of spending money on clothing that doesn't last more than a few weeks. Oh, and they don't make my bra size in cheap bras... which sucks. A lot. My hips hurt, my tailbone hurts, I'm exhausted and I really am looking forward to the pregnancy being over. I'm trying to enjoy our last few weeks as a couple before becoming a family, but I'm so 'married to work' right now, it's not really making it possible because I'm not getting any errands run and I don't see as much of Nick as I'd like to.

OK, that's enough whining. It feels better to get it out.

32w, 2d


Meg said...

I'm sorry you've had a rough week! Hopefully you're enjoying your afternoon off. :)

Katie said...

Ahhh...welcome to the Third Trimester! "They" say that you become disenchanted with your pregnancy as a natural way to prepare your body for the birthing process. Fun, huh?

Cameron's mom said...

Sorry that you had a rough week... In the meantime have you tried the 'smores at RC? Yumma! I'll try to pick you up a couple when I'm down that way!