Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I *love* the kicks!

I really, really love feeling her wiggle and squirm and roll and kick around in my belly. I've got a few 'hot spots' that I can watch and see my entire stomach change form. I don't know if I like feeling it better or watching it.

It makes me smile to imagine a ~2.75 lb. baby wiggling around in there, trying to get my attention, working on her little muscles and gaining all kinds of baby fat. I know that I'll certainly miss the work distractions once she's here. I can often be caught staring down at my tummy with my hand right over where she's kicking. It's just so amazing.

29 w, 2d


Katie said...

enjoy it while you can! Its one of the first things that gets banked as a far off memory once baby is here! I can't even remember what it was like to BE preggo!

Anonymous said...

That DOES sound amazing.
You should make a video of her moving around so that one day you can go back and remember just how you felt. My mom did something similar and I have always treasured it.

Alison said...

Awww... so cute!! I "little" things!!!

The Shmoopies said...

I love the idea of your making a video of the kicks! I wish I'd done that. *sigh* I miss those little kicks. Well, I still get them but now they're coming from the outside! lol But they're usually accompanied w/lots of giggling and that is so much more fun. Not long now!!

Echloe said...

you should take video of her squirming and post it for us.