Monday, March 31, 2008

New Belly Pic

Here's my most recent belly pic. I was headed to a bridal shower and asked Nick to snap a picture before I headed out.

2 Ups

- We're getting closer!

- Our appointment with the Midwife went really well. I received all the paperwork for the 'pre-admission' and my birth plan and all that. Next appointment I have to turn it all in! It's amazing how time flies!

2 Downs

- We're getting closer! (Yikes!!! I don't feel ready yet!)

- The fatigue is back. Friday and Saturday night I was asleep on the couch by 8pm!

What are your ups and downs?

28 weeks


Meg said...

You look great!!

Alison said...

Aww Janessa - seriously - beautiful belly!!!

Lindsy said...

you look amazing!!

Amy and Rick said...

I'll play!

2 Ups: (1) Birthing Classes started last night and (2) I'm one week away from the third trimester!

2 Downs: (1) I've had a emotional/hormonal week and even though I know it's happening, I can't stop it...I hate that! (2) It's only Wednedsay...

Aviva said...

you look faaaahhhhbulous, dahling. :)

Echloe said...

Hi Janessa,
Love the picts.

2 ups- 1. new cycle started-yay me. 2. started clomid

2 downs- 1. cramps, 2. It is a beautiful sunny day.

Tiffany said...


2 ups: Heard the baby's heartbeat, got a foot massage

2 downs: No desire to register at BRU, weight discussions with the doc