Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Things are good

Things are going well. This spring is going to be chaotic, but I'm looking forward to it. I have a couple weddings to attend, a couple showers (bridal and baby) and I'm just excited that spring has sprung around these parts.

I've been sitting here as our little girl keeps kicking and rolling around and it just amazes me. I can't believe some extremity of some sort is rolling around just below my ribs. I know those ribs are just starting to stretch as they're a little achy. Also, I think my abdominals pulled a little farther apart this afternoon too, as when I laugh I get a 'muscle soreness' pain right at the upper right ab insertion. It makes me smile and wince all in one. I'm also a little frightened as to how big I'll grow, but I'm happy to know that she's just happy as can be getting exercise in my abdomen. It's crazy to imagine.

Oh, and I think I've figured out what braxton-hicks contractions feel like... weird.

I received a lovely package from my mom today. It's 2 newborn sleeper sets with a super cute monkey bib... I love it. I looked at it and held it up while I was at work. I said "Really? This only fits a baby up to 8lbs? They come out this big!?!?" After a minor freak out, I'm back to playing with these clothes and trying to imagine a little version of Nick and I wiggling around in them.

I get to see my Mom next week and I'm pretty excited about that.

27w, 2d

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