Monday, March 17, 2008

New belly pic! (a little late)

Here's my most recent belly pic:

My 2 ups:

-I'm doing relatively well, I'm in stage 2 maternity clothes and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they last until the end (here's hoping!)

- I'm excited for spring and after a minor freak out as to how little time we have left, I've realized it's time to just enjoy the last few months of being a couple before becoming a family

(one more up, because I wanna)

- This morning I told Nick to watch my belly, because she was kicking around. He decided to come over and talk to the baby putting his lips right around my belly button. As he was talking to her, she kicked his lips! He was pretty shocked and excited. It was really cool to see the two of them 'interact'.

My 2 downs:

- I had to go up a couple sizes in underwear. Weird feeling.

-I miss wine. And cocktails.

(one more, because I wanna)

-I think I'm officially up 30 lbs.

What are your 2 ups and 2 downs? (obviously, add as many as you'd like)

26w, even!


Kelly Marie said...

2 ups

-Had a great weekend with my hubby

-I trimmed my bangs and they look great.

2 downs

-Grey is teething his molars and it changes his behaviour a lot

-Grey threw a toy at my face and almost broke my nose. Two days later is still hurty!

You're going to have a 30 pound baby lady! The first ever in history...You're too tiny and adorable to have gained 30 pounds. ;)

Alison said...

Janessa - you make such a beautiful pregnant women! You looks just precious!

love22 said...

I just wanted to let you know that I love your belly.

Echloe said...

1 ups-
-got a great new dress on Saturday that was on mega sale.

1 down
-I'm being a cranky jealous girl today