Thursday, March 6, 2008

How to make a pregnant woman pout:

Last night I ran to grab a couple of items from the grocery store on the way home from work. To my delight, I saw a group of those infamous green vested little girls with their cookies at the exit of the store. I think those cookies might as well be considered a martini in my eyes because they made me just about as excited to see that they were there, waiting to be purchased. (That, and, everyone's been talking about recieving their orders for weeks now or that they picked them up at the store and are freezing tons for later in the year.)

I run in, grab my items, get to the check out and grab some cash (I never carry cash). I waddle out the store to the exit and look around. No tables, no trash, no girl scouts and no cookies. It was like a terrible mirage. I pouted as I walked to my car sans-samoas (or whatever they're called now) and looked around for little girls running circles around a car as the mom packed up the goods. I was going to accost them in the parking lot armed with pregnancy hormones as my only weapon. How sad, they made their get-away without allowing me to buy them out.

I went home and pouted for at least an hour.


shoppingsmycardio said...

i have samoas at my have a key....

Alison said...

How cruel!!

littlemonkey said...

Update! Nick hunted down the little green vested buggers and bought the last two boxes of Samoas they had on hand.

Also, we briefly decided our daughter will be encouraged to be a girl scout... at least every Februrary or March as to not run into this problem again. :D