Monday, March 24, 2008

Nick's getting on board

So, as I've mentioned numerous times, Nick's been great. Really, really great. He's been such a good emotional rock for me, he's helped me off the couch (ha!) and he generally makes sure I'm calm, collected and comfortable.

This weekend, just before heading over to my brother and sister-in-law's for easter, he asked me what the phone number was for Kaiser, and, if the appointment line is the same one we should call in case "anything goes wrong" or if we just needed to ask some questions. I looked at my handy-dandy Kaiser pregnancy wallet insert and gave him the appropriate number. He promptly entered it in his phone, and in mine. He wants to be prepared.

Then, while at the Easter dinner table, a discussion of breastfeeding came up and I stated that I don't want our child to be fed with a bottle for the first few weeks, if we can help it. Nick then turns to me and says "So, I'm not going to get to feed our baby with a bottle?" Oy vey. My response? "Honey, I'd like to make sure both the baby and I are used to breastfeeding prior to introducing a bottle. So, once we're both 'ol pro's' at it, you can feed her with a bottle"

So, the good news is he's getting ready. The bad news is I realized in my pregnancy crazy research, I need to talk to him about these things prior to setting things in stone (ha, nothing's set in stone, I'm just laying down some "ideals"). In any case, it's great. I'm super excited he's realized that there is less than 3 months prior to our due date. So much to do, so little time!

Oh, and the nest is irritatingly slow! grrr...

27w even


Alison said...

Awww... cute!! Interesting observation about including him in your research/decisions... we talk about all this stuff with our GFs... but we forget about our hubbys!

shoppingsmycardio said...

you make a v. good point about making sure to include's like wedding planning all over again, except they actually care this time!

def. try to let him in on stuff - he'll feel much better about all of the decisions if he helps make them. but you already knew that ;)

Kelly Marie said...

Thats so cute! One way to keep him involved during feeding is to let him burp after you've fed. Even though he wont be able to feed right away he'll have plenty of opportunities for bonding/helping. :)