Monday, February 25, 2008

New Pic, Up's and Down's

So, a friend turned me onto a podcast site that I love! It's called pregtastic( and I've become quite a fan. (Thanks, Alison!) I've found that I can sit and listen to the pod casts while I'm knitting for our little one. So, something they do every week with those speaking during the pod casts is ask their 2 Up's of the week and 2 Down's.

This week, for me:
2 Up's:
1) Our crib is in our nursery, everything fits: one double bed, one dresser (will be used as a changing table) the crib - so pretty! and a blue velvet swivel rocker that I inherited from my Grandmother. I love sitting in that room. Nick has practiced picking up our little girl out of the crib a couple of times :)
2) My diaper bag also came in. AND, I knit a really, really cute hat for the baby... working in a little cardigan now.

2 Down's:
1) I'm becoming more and more uncomfortable. I'll get numb in my legs if I sit wrong.
2) I'm not exercising as much as I'd like. AND, I'm starting to outgrow my maternity clothes (yikes!)

Comment with your up's and down's for this past week :)

Here's the new pic for this week!

23w even!


Kelly Marie said...

I'm not pregnant but here are my ups and downs.

1. buying a new camera
2. going to see Dave Attell

1. Bad dreams that effect my mood when awake.
2. A lot of work.

Alison said...

Great post!!!!

My two downs... hummm...
1) Waiting... since I can't see/feel the baby yet... I feel like I'm always waiting for my next appt. :)
2) Advice. People are starting to give me unsolicited advice.

Two ups...
1) Overall I'm feeling pretty good! A small amount of nausea every now and then... but not too bad.
2) We're telling more people now... and that is TOTALLY fun!!

Echloe said...

I like this idea

1. Work is going super well
2. Made an awesome roast chicken for dinner

1. Still no period
2. My husband is snoring right now. So loud.

Amy and Rick said...

I don't know where I got this blog but I check it regularly and LOVE I go (I'm at 21wks)

1 - Going to a see a great band play AND going to a musical - it's been so long since we've done fun stuff like that!
2 - We're finally only one day away from our "big u/s"!! YAY!

1 - My body is starting to "feel" pg (aches and pains) but still no baby movement :(
2 - I'm finding myself easily annoyed this week...I'm telling myself it's the hormones!! : )

Tiffany said...

Love this post!

My ups were:
Enjoying my snoogle
Painting the baby room

Lower back pain
Emotional outburst when I couldn't figure out some homework. I was a crying mess!