Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Big urge to post, a lot!

So, I've realized how much is really changing in a short period of time, and, with that, I suddenly want to post. A lot. So here's a couple of things on my mind:

Work's falling behind, and I really am ok with that. I'm normally a go-getter, type A, get-things-done type of girl. But lately, I've succumbed to some of the fatigue. Well, it's not really fatigue, in it's true sense, it's more like I've just let things go a little slower. And I'm ok with that. Actually, I'm happy with it.

I've started walking at lunch with a co-worker in addition to eating better. She's getting married in May, and I need to get up and move. Yesterday we went for our first mini walk and it was beautiful outside. I love it when nature cooperates!

I've been craving veggies! I went to Whole Foods this past weekend (yum! we moved farther away from it so I don't get to go weekly anymore, so when I do go, I get super excited!) While at the store, it was crowded (not unusual) but I realized how difficult it is to maneuver through a store with a cart and this belly! I tried to squeeze past a few people and realized I got stuck right at my non-existent waist. I know this is good, but I was disappointed in others in not allowing for more room ... not just for me, but for not being aware of other people in general, and being quite absorbed in their own tasks. I know this is the way everyone is, but I will make an effort to be more considerate to others. Anyway, off track... I was craving veggies... I picked up artichokes (YAY!) blueberries, pineapple, my normal spring salad mix, tons of dairy (as usual), carrots, tomatoes and a few other things. I think the change in weather has helped that, as I'm not craving soups as often. Fresh, fresh, fresh! I hope this continues.

More later!

23w, 1d

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