Monday, February 11, 2008

Warm, gooey feelings

Nick has been so good, SO good throughout this pregnancy thus far. We've been together a long, long time (10 years by the time our little one is born) and I've never loved him more. He's been taking a much larger role in taking care of the hosue (without asking!) and ensuring I'm comfortable, running for water, helping me off the couch and so much more. We've had a couple discussions about it, we've always loved each other, but since the pregnancy has begun, we have a more 'deep' relationship. It's really difficult to explain, but this is a new bond we've never had before. I can only imagine how that will change (for the better) with our little girl in our arms.

Speaking of our little girl, I'm starting to feel more and more movements. It's hard, as soon as I feel her wiggling around, I want to put my hand on my belly and encourage it, but, since I feel the movement through the sensors in my skin, me touching the belly overrides the sensation from inside. So, when I feel her squirming, I just have to sit back and enjoy. It's an odd sensation, and it continues to make her all that much more 'real'.

Last week, the stranger comments started. And once someone said something, EVERYONE has noticed. It's a good thing, I enjoy it. However, I'm back to that "Do I have to squeal when they ask me about the baby?" question. I was at the grocery store and the clerk said "OOHHH!!!!! It's a BABY!!" I chuckled along with Nick's mom and my sister-in-law. The poor clerk said "Was that a bad thing? To say?" (poor woman). No, we're just laughing because I was sneaking a bit of chocolate on the conveyer belt for my craving and Nick's mom would have rather bought it for me.... She then coined the term "chocolatey-evil" for my sarcastic tone and mood... It's been a joke ever since... Anyway, off track as usual. Ackowledging the belly is good, I just don't have the energy to jump up and down everytime someone congratulates me.

21 weeks, even


Alison said...

Awwww... so sweet!!

Kelly Marie said...

Oh goodness, just wait until you see him dancing with a sleepy baby head on his shoulder. I thought i'd NEVER stop crying at that sight!

pmarie said...

Get a room! :) Just kidding. Come out and play more. I feel things moving inside me too. Sadly in my case, it's just gas.

Echloe said...

That is really cool. I can't wait to experience feeling the same thing. Both things. MH doing more around the house and a baby kicking from inside.

Glad that you are enjoying it all.