Tuesday, February 24, 2009

8 Month Letter

Dear Jenna-Bean,

I've always said to the parents of 8 month olds "That's a fun age". And, after going through the last month, I can confirm, we're having more fun than ever. You, again, continue to amaze us. 

I feel like you're growing too fast. Milestones are flying by and as I look at the pictures of you (as I upload them) I realize that you're starting to look less like an infant and more like a toddler. Maybe it's because you now have 6 teeth. Maybe it's your smile. Maybe it's that you babble in your own language and will have a conversation with us after we say "Mamamamama" or "Dadadadadada" to you. You never repeat it back but we often get something like "GogagagogagaEEEEEgakgakgogaek" in response. Maybe it's that you're closer to a toddler than you are to a newborn (sniff!) 

My heart swells with love just thinking about you. I get teary thinking about the type of person you will become. You are independent like your Mama, a bit stubborn like your Dad and beautiful in a way we couldn't have expected. I still don't know who you look like. Dad says you look like his Mom (Nanny) and I see aspects of that, but I don't see either him or me in you. 

This last month has been amazing. You've started crawling, you've cut a bunch of teeth (as mentioned before). You've decided eating during the day isn't as exciting as EVERYTHING else going on around you. Eating at night 'sumo-style' is your preferred method, thus resulting in little sleep for me. You're up to 3 'solid' meals a day and eating the following: pears, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, bananas, apples, mango, oatmeal, and as of today, cheerios.

I love your curious nature. You observe for a bit, then comment. At restaurants, you won't sit and look at us, instead, you prefer to turn around and watch the comings and goings of those that are working, of the guests and you like to flirt with other tables. You will smile for almost everyone. On walks, I often overhear "What a happy beautiful baby" nothing makes me more proud. 
With you crawling, we've been officially kept on our toes. We're trying to ensure you're safe, but without removing everything in sight. We want to be able to teach you that there are things you just can't have. "La Boca No!" is a phrase Irma started using with you, meaning "that doesn't go in your mouth" in spanish. It's working with you, and although you don't like it sometimes, you've learned. 

In the last month it's been raining, raining, raining. We need the rain as it's been a dry year up until this point. But, we've gone on less walks. I think  that in combination with your curiosity has resulted in you crawling. Below is one of your 8 month pictures. You refused to sit back with 'those creatures' to take this picture. Instead, you wanted to hang out at the front of the chair, as close as you could to falling off, just to give your Dad and I a heart attack. 

8 months is a great age. We've had a blast in the last month. I would love to hear what's going on in your little head, my dear. You're able to give me the inquisitive looks the glaring stares (scary, let me tell you!), the big smiles and the weepy eyes but to know what you're thinking, to hear you say it will be quite amazing. That being said, I'm still not ready to let you grow up. And yet, you still are before my very eyes. 

I love you, bean. 

Mamamamamama :)


Maria said...

I love love love your letters to Jenna!

When she grows up and she is able to read these letters I bet she will feel so loved!

Sophie said...

She's gorgeous! I love the pic where she's looking in the window.

Happy 8 months, Jenna!

Echloe said...

She is getting more beautiful everyday. This blog and your letters to her are better than any baby book. She will be so thankful one day when she can look over all this when she is looking at her 8 month old. : )

Alison 'n Brandyn said...

What beautiful pictures you captured this month!! Congrats Jenna on the teeth and all your other milestones!!!

SmartAssMom said...

Love your letters to your beautiful daughter! They always bring tears to my eyes.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she's crawling and eating Cheerios. I'm in total denial!! Happy 8 months, Jenna!

Cameron's mom said...

I love you JaNE!!!!

ab said...

Awww, 8 months! Jenna, happy day!!!
Janessa, I adore your letters to Jenna, so heartfelt and eloquent. I have yet to read one where I'm not teary.